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Wot You Tinking (Radio Mix) - Foodbug - Wot You Tinking

Label: CNR Music - 8800969 • Format: CD Maxi-Single • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: House
Download Wot You Tinking (Radio Mix) - Foodbug - Wot You Tinking

Jump to content. Sig image created by the remarkably talented xRoni7x. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back. Click to send in a Support Ticket! Crew Skills and Perk Values. Map and Battle Tiers List. If an enemy is spotted but is out of my view range, Is that were my radio range will start up and draw the enemy for me? If so, then why can't I ever see enemies to the full extent of my T62A's radio range? Artillery is to stop campers.

But I don't camp, and I'm always Wot You Tinking (Radio Mix) - Foodbug - Wot You Tinking nuked. Well you need to play arty safe and stop crying.

How do I play arty safe? Camp behind cover. Arrrrrgggg the grind is REAL!!! Radio range is critical in most matches, especially when you get into the mid to high tiers.

You HAVE to know where your friendlies are and where the enemy is and their relative number. You want to be checking your map times a minute and radio range is a key item in being able to see what's going on everywhere on the map.

I see this crap all the time on Abbey South spawn. And yet, those greens just push towards the reds cap. You can't do that unless you and the tank on the opposite side have enough radio range to communicate which you usually do in most games except for very low tierhowever, the key here is checking the map and making proper decisions based upon the map. Now, take the opposite spawn and you are the green team pushing from the North.

You NEED to know how close they are to capping and in what numbers. Should your entire force go back? Should 3 go back and three rush the enemies base to try to cap while you keep the enemy from your cap?

Radio range and situational awareness ie, map reading and decision making that comes from it! Fortunately, in higher tier matches, radio range is mostly a non issue, it's in the mid tiers where it is quite a bit more important. With that said, as Max mentioned, this should not be one of the "first" skills learned over other things that might be more directly battle oriented, I would typically put the two radio boosting perks somewhere in the 8thth perk chosen range. Want to win more?

Learn to count! Shadow puppets are illogical, inflexible, and totalitarian. Most people don't know this because the shadow puppets live in the shadows meddling in others lives usually without reason. Even worse, they are hypocrites who allow no dissension to their tactics. I am sure someone could find at least one tank WGA screwed on signal range past tier 7, but in general, you are right.

Man honestly I wouldn't waste them on randos. Clan wars perhaps. Not for randos who may not know about rendering range, much less radio range I don't think it's meant to be at the forefront of people's minds or if they care to get in rendering range of your lit up subjects in the first place. So my attitude is "why do these randos at the back who got NO meta whatsoever need to know about the map locations they probably won't look at on the big map to see anyway?! Get a perk that you can apply in Wot You Tinking (Radio Mix) - Foodbug - Wot You Tinking instead.

Map pings and voice subvert radio range limitations anyway. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. How important is radio range? Please log in to reply. This is something I've tended to overlook when training crews but recently been reading Slayer - Christ Illusion on it.

How important do you experts think this is though? Especially for say TDs and Heavies. It's not one I go for. I tend to play TD so I figure chances are someone else will usually be ahead of me. Probably different if I played scout. It's important for the vision game. If the tank that's spotting is further away than its radio range, you'll be unable to see the lit up targets on your map or within render range if radio range is that abysmal.

I'm not sure if the radio mechanics are in play on xbox though, as there are no radios on our upgrade tree. I think it is important if you are on the other No Artist - The World Of Steam of the map and you spot a priority target like the opposing Arty, now your Arty can take them out.

Radio Range is Important, but In The Sound And The Silence - Laura Gauthier - The Journey of L radio gets upgraded by getting packages. The crew skills for radio range are not something you need. I don't understand radio range. Around The Go-Go - The Commands - Around The Go-Go / Dont Be Afraid To Love Me range is how you communicate with your team mates, it's very noticeable in low tier matches.

Have you ever been in a 7 player match, none of you team mates have been destroyed but you can only see 4 of them on the map? The other 2 have ventured off beyond their radio range so if they locate the opposition you will not be able to see that.

Your tank can only see what you team mates see if you are within radio range. Thanks for the thread zulu and to the others for the answers. I too was wondering the same thing as I start to add more and more skills to my crews. In the higher tiers I always seem to see the other team light up when one of the greenies gets close.

However, Wot You Tinking (Radio Mix) - Foodbug - Wot You Tinking the lower tiers, maps like Province, and Mines, sometimes you see do not see all of your teammates. YouTube Twitch. I was on Murovanka last night and the red team over ran us because no one even looked at the map. You could see the hoard of reds heading in from the Northwest, but our team never even looked at it.

Needless to say they became overwhelmed when the reds showed up and we lost anyone who looked at the map could see them coming they are all lit up. Thanks for all the replies and comments. It's great to hear from people who know what they're talking about on the lesser well known Wot You Tinking (Radio Mix) - Foodbug - Wot You Tinking . I still refuse to use a med-kid on my stupid radio operator who seems to get himself killed every other match.

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  3. May 02,  · How important is radio range? - posted in General Discussion: This is something Ive tended to overlook when training crews but recently been reading up on it. How important do you experts think this is though? Especially for say TDs and Heavies.
  4. (Bang! Bang!) (He said captain, he said wot He said captain, he said wot d'ya want He said captain, he said wot He said captain, he said wot d'ya want).
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