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Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude

Label: Pour Le Corps - 012 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Experimental
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Showing posts with label jesus. Show all posts. Horace Roye: Tomorrow's Crucifixion Images of a crucified figure have a long history; one that it may surprise some readers to discover pre-dates the Christian era, although, of course, most such images are of Jesus hanging on the Cross and thus belong to a particular religious tradition of art.

Francis Bacon was another 20th-century artist fascinated by all forms of physical torment and violent death in general. In he painted a triptych entitled Crucifixion that follows in mood, colour and form Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude earlier works: Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion and Three Studies for a Crucifixion As Bacon confessed to the critic and curator David Sylvester when discussing the above works: "I've always been very moved by pictures about slaughterhouses [ We don't know, Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude course, but it appears by these photographs that they're so aware of what is going to happen to them, Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude do everything to attempt to escape.

I think these pictures were very much based on that kind of thing, which to me is very, very near this whole thing of the Crucifixion. Sweet Ohm - Various - London Street Jazz know for religious people, for Christians, the Crucifixion has a totally different significance.

But as a non-believer, it was just an act of man's behaviour to another. Finally, mention must be made of an extraordinary photograph from by Horace Roye, who is perhaps most fondly remembered today for his thousands of female nude portraits or Eves without leaves as he jokingly referred to them.

Unsurprisingly, it caused a huge amount of controversy at the time, but is now rightly regarded as one of the most striking images from the pre-War period, anticipating the horrors to come. It's thought that any such images were viewed as heretical by early church leaders who regarded the subject as unfit for artistic representation and preferred to focus the attention of believers on the miracle of resurrection.

Lawrence three decades earlier, Roye was prosecuted in the s for obscenity after refusing to airbrush out pubic hair from photos of his models. Defending himself in court, Roye successfully challenged the absurd idea that nudes were only acceptable if made to look as smooth and lifeless as marble statues, or as impersonal as dead fish. Eve Turner displaying her charms. Located on the upper ventral region of the female torso, the breast, biologically speaking, is essentially a network of milk-producing ducts covered in subcutaneous fat.

In other words, just a swollen Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude that varies in size, shape and weight. But, of course, no one is really interested in hearing about breasts in purely biological or functional terms.

They might provide nutrition for infants, but they also have social, sexual, and symbolic significance and possess a long and fascinating cultural history - not just in the plastic arts, but also in comedy, fashion, and advertising.

The key thing, as feminist author and historian Marilyn Yalom notes, is that competing conceptions of the breast change the way it is seen and represented and any cultural history of the breast is constructed as much in male fantasy as it is in female biology.

Whilst it's true that the ancient Greeks were more interested in male nudity as a symbol of perfection and power, Western culture hasn't exactly been shy in portraying the female form, Theres A God Somewhere - Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - My Desire / Theres A God Somewhere a particular fascination for the breasts as morphologically diverse objects that have both a maternal function and an erotic allure.

Thus, during the Renaissance, for example, depictions of Mary as a nursing Madonna dominated the cultural imagination; not only did she suckle the infant Jesus, but, by implication, she provided the milk of human kindness and spiritual nourishment to all mankind. Within the modern period, in contrast, the bared female breast has become a symbol of radical political protest think Marianne or Femena staple of bawdy comedy think Barbara Widsor or Benny Hilland a culturally-sanctioned distraction for heterosexual men Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude like to begin the day staring at a pair of tits think Page 3.

Some individuals, however, take their erotico-aesthetic interest in female Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude to a fetishistic extreme, invariably subscribing to the belief that bigger is always better. And here, we have to think Russ Meyer The American filmmaker Russ Meyer had - both as an artist and as a man - a lifelong love of naturally large-breasted women and Never Gonna Let You Go - Vicki Sue Robinson - Never Gonna Let You Go repeatedly feature such in his movies.

These women included Lorna Maitland, Darlene Gray, Kitten Natividad, Tura Satana and, Власть вещей - Эшелон - Концерт с Г.О. favourite, Erica Gavin as Vixen - though, arguably, none were more lovely than Meyer's second-wife, the s pin-up model Eve Turner, who produced thirteen of his films and played a significant role in helping Meyer establish a career.

Whilst large breasts are not really my cup of tea, these cantilevered actresses certainly appeal far more than the cosmetically-enhanced porn stars of today, suggesting as they do an entirely different aesthetic and female archetype; not necessarily more natural - although certainly less plastic - but more charismatic and amazonian in spirit.

This helps explain why some feminist critics now find something valuable and liberating in Meyer's movies, particularly Faster, Pussycat! Knopf, To view a trailer for Faster, Pussycat! Kill Kill! Russ Meyer, : click here.

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Mike Brennan: Denial. Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30". It will surprise no one to discover that Shakespeare is the most oft-quoted of all English writers. Whilst it's probably impossible even for Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude scholars to definitively say what his greatest lines are, the good people at No Sweat Shakespeare have kindly provided a list of 50 famous quotes, beginning with To be, or not to be and ending with What light through yonder window breaks. It's not the worst list in the world, but it's hardly an imaginative or controversial selection.

And, what's more, it doesn't include my own favourite line from Shakespeare: I know thee not, old man This line, from Act 5 Scene 5 of Henry IV, Part 2has particular resonance to me at this time and deserves much greater critical attention, because the need to deny - our elders, our loved ones, our teachers, our leaders, and, ultimately, ourselves - is an absolutely crucial requirement in the process of becoming what one is.

Prince Hal, upon assuming the crown and becoming king, knew it; Zarathustra, who instructs his followers that they must ultimately lose all masters and learn to hate their friends, knew it; and even Jesus, who accepted As The Years Go Passing By - Santana - Oye Como, Carlos kiss from Judas and predicted Peter's triple denial, knew it.

Indeed, Christ himself denied his own mother, when he notoriously put the question to her: Woman, what have I to do with thee? As a reader of Lawrence, I have long viewed this remark made to Mary as a sign of failure. But now - in the position of a long term, full-time carer for an elderly mother with dementia - I'm rather more sympathetic.

That is to say, I'm tempted - in order to preserve my own health and sanity - to turn my back and walk away, because too much love and loyalty to another, or to the past, can be deadly and anyone who wishes to live and fulfil their own destiny has to offer a seemingly cruel denial of someone or something at sometime or other, regardless of the consequences or the pain caused.

We deny and must denysays Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude , because something in us wants to live and affirm itself. There is even, we might suggest, an existential imperative to sell out i. A creative individual must repudiate the familiarity of the past including old relationships if he or she is to adventure Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude into the unknown.

But this isn't easy: far easier to martyr oneself and to shrivel away inside an old life; a victim of that moral poison and great depressant called pity. Labels: d. Despite what some commentators suggest, I wouldn't describe myself as a reductionist. Thus, it's mistaken to read the multiplicity of posts on this blog and then attempt to understand them as a Whole: the will to a systemsays Nietzsche, Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude a lack of integrity.

Ultimately, I'm sympathetic to Blanchot's suggestion that we learn to think about the relationship between literary fragments in terms of sheer difference; as things that Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude related to one another only in that each of them is unique and without, as Deleuze and Guattari note, "having recourse either to any sort of original totality not even one that has been lostor to a subsequent totality that may not yet have come about".

In a passage that captures perfectly the anti-holistic spirit of Torpedo the Ark as desiring-machinethe Blues - Srp - Zadnja Večerja / The Last Supper write:. We no longer believe in the myth of the existence of fragments that, like pieces of an antique statue, are merely waiting for the last one to be turned up, so that they may all be glued back together to create a unity that is precisely the same as the original unity.

We no longer believe in a primordial totality that once existed, or in a final totality that awaits us at some Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude date. We no longer believe in the dull grey outlines of a dreary, colourless dialectic of evolution, aimed at forming a harmonious whole out of heterogeneous bits by rounding off their rough edges.

We believe only in totalities that are peripheral. And if we discover such a totality alongside various separate parts, it is a whole of these particular parts but does not totalize them; it is a unity of all of these particular parts but does not unify them; rather, it is added to them as a new part fabricated separately.

In addition to the artistic Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude of this, a number of logical, ethical, and political consequences also follow; ones that, to me at least, appear far LAgnesse Va Mourir - Ennio Morricone - Bandes Originales Des Films attractive and more radical than those that follow on from holism which, unfortunately, is a concept invoked here, there, and everywhere within contemporary culture - even by people who should know better i.

We hear about holistic models of everything; healthcare, education, science, spirituality, etc. Even politicians talk about the need for joined up government.

Again, to quote Nietzsche: I mistrust all systematisers - but today it's become impossible to ignore them. But such idealism builds churches and concentration camps; it erases real difference, fears otherness, and ultimately wants to subordinate the individual to a superior Whole the Party, the State, Humanity.

If this makes me a reductionist, or a nihilist, then so be it Lane, University of Minnesota Press,p. Labels: anti-oedipusKim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude deleuze and guattarifragmentationgargoyle philosophyhitlerholismjesusnietzschereductionismtorpedo the arkwholeness.

Christian critics and protesters said it was mocking the Passion of Christ, which, of course, it isno matter what the makers or defenders of the film may like to pretend.

But then that's precisely why it's so amusing and subversive of all the unnecessary suffering and pain that And Then You Remember - Various - Oslo Jazzfestival 2008 - If They Act Too Hip, You Know They Cant fetishises and foists upon us.

I agree with director Terry Jones, when he argues that any creed that transforms a form of torture and execution into an iconic symbol before which to kneel, is a perversely corrupt form of religion.

In just eight words, the Pythons perform a magnificent revaluation: Always look on the bright side of life. Such stoicism Suzi Quatro - Leather Forever - The Wild One Live! (DVD), more importantly, gay insouciance, is profoundly anti-Christian and lyricist Eric Idle is to be congratulated.

If only Jesus had of cared less about sin and dared to give his followers a grin In a season five episode of Curb Your EnthusiasmLarry's father-in-law has purchased a nail on the internet and is wearing it proudly around his neck. Clearly, not the kind of film likely to appeal to Larry Kim Novak - Pharmakos - Nude any sane individualhe can't resist trying to provoke Cheryl's idiot father: "'You're nuts about this Jesus guy, aren't you?

I'll worship a Jane. What's the matter with you? A girl I would worship Jane, if he had a daughter Jane. I could have a relationship with a Jane. That's all I have to say. Good-looking woman, zatfigyou know? Good sense of humour. It's worth noting also that, later in the episode, Larry takes the nail and uses it to hang a mezuzah to the door before his own father's arrival. And on that note Happy Easter to all torpedophiles. Those interested in Voltaire's correspondence can visit Oxford University's Voltaire Foundation: click here.

Nietzsche, The Anti-Christtrans. Hollingdale, Penguin Books,section Click here for the end scene from Monty Python's Life Like A Baby - Elvis Presley - Elvis Is Back! Brian dir. Terry Jones, Records Weide, Finally, for the version of Easter with the Anti-Christ, click here.

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  2. But, whilst the latter is a fascinating notion - explored at length by Oscar Wilde in The Picture of Dorian Gray - what really caught my interest is the moment of revelation at the very beginning of the story when James Fenton realises that miracles can happen at any moment and dramatically mark the end of one's old life. This liberating thought had never come to him before.
  3. Images of a crucified figure have a long history; one that it may surprise some readers to discover pre-dates the Christian era, although, of course, most such images are of Jesus.
  4. Ciò è molto strano. Pier delle Vigne era sì stato un suicida, ma non dopo aver vissuto una vita da gaudente e prodigo, almeno non così appare da quel poco che ci è stato tramandato.Né risulta dal Canto ch’egli fosse stato un arrivista o che avesse tramato politicamente contro il proprio sovrano (anche se questa sarà una delle accuse che, secondo la tradizione, gli verranno mosse) o.
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