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Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It

Label: Earring Records - EAR 1 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: New Wave, Post-Punk
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Actions have consequences. Unfortunately, those consequences are not always Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It welcome, intended, or predictable.

There are numerous examples of governments, organizations, and even individuals acting with good intentions, only for their efforts to backfire catastrophically.

Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease, as these examples of the law of unintended consequences demonstrate. Located in the vast expanse of almost entirely empty ocean between Australia and Antarctica, Macquarie Island is so remote that nobody knew of its existence until Its most notable inhabitants at the time were several species of rare birds and a huge population of fur seals.

Rabbits were added to provide a readily available source of food for any shipwrecked sailors who might find themselves stranded on the island. By the yearMacquarie Island was judged to be entirely cat free, but its problems were not over. Within just three hours the fatally wounded passenger liner slipped beneath the waves and into history. More than 1, people lost their lives.

The Titanic had been one of the most famous ships in the world, and the huge loss of life, including some very wealthy individuals, spurred the US Senate to call an inquiry. It was concluded, entirely reasonably, that the death toll would have been substantially lower if the Titanic had set to sea with a full complement of lifeboats. Inas a direct result of the Titanic disaster, a new law stipulated that any American ship of over tons had to carry enough lifeboats to carry every passenger in the event of an emergency.

Unfortunately, this did not have the intended effect of making every ship safer. The SS Eastland was a badly-designed, ungainly vessel at the best of times. The extra weight of several additional lifeboats crammed onto her top deck turned her into an unstable death trap.

On July 24,just yards from her moorings on the Chicago River, she tilted alarmingly, took on water, and rolled over in just twenty-feet of water.

More than people lost their lives in the disaster. Check out these examples of the Streisand Effect. In a photographer by the name of Kenneth Adelman made it his mission to record the entire Californian coastline in a series of thousands of aerial photographs. Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It famous singer and actress had discovered her house numbered amongst those pictured, and she was not amused.

It was just one among thousands that featured in his work, all of them from such a distance that no real detail could be made out. Still, Streisand insisted her privacy had been invaded.

Saint Tropez - Belle De Jour turned out not only to be a wild overreaction but a very bad idea. When Streisand began legal proceedings, the offending photograph had been downloaded a grand total of six times, two of these by her own lawyers. As the case, which Streisand subsequently lost, made headlines around the world, the previously obscure California Coastal Project website began receiving hundreds of thousands of hits every month.

If Streisand had been trying to draw attention to the photograph, which was most definitely not her intention, then she could scarcely have done a better job. While the fighting had never reached German soil, the mighty German Army had none the less been defeated. The Germans had no choice but to accept whatever terms were demanded of them.

The Allied powers set out to ensure the German war machine could never threaten them again. Germany was forced to accept sole responsibility for the war, most of their fleet was to be scrapped, their army was reduced to justmen, and restrictions were placed on the construction of civilian and military aircraft.

On top of this the Germans were to pay vast, unspecified sums of war reparations to the victorious Allied powers. Rather than caging the German tiger, the Allies only succeeded in enraging it. The Treaty of Versailles was universally hated amongst the German people, and Adolf Hitler made great political capital from his vocal opposition to it.

As Hitler trampled over the restrictions one-by-one, boosting his domestic popularity in the process, Allied politicians were divided over how to react. Many of them felt the terms of the treaty were far too harsh; they argued that Hitler was just taking back what was rightly his.

Fortunately, lessons were learned. At the end of World War Two, American The Associates - Live aid flowed into Western Germany, transforming a former foe into an ally.

For most of this time history the Forest Service regarded forest fires as an enemy devoid of any redeeming qualities. It gradually became apparent that Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It of highly successful fire prevention had been storing up problems for the future.

Analysis of tree rings revealed that a substantial fire would be expected to sweep through an unmanaged forest once or twice a decade. The larger trees would survive, but much of the undergrowth and pine needles would be burnt away. It turned out this process was vital to the health of the forest. With the undergrowth choking the forest, many species of plants found themselves starved of sunlight reaching the forest floor.

Even worse, when a fire finally did break out it would be fed by huge quantities of highly-combustible material. These megafires destroy everything in their path. Even huge pine trees, some of which grow to more than two-hundred feet tall and have stood for several thousand years, are unable to withstand the ferocity of the blaze.

By the mids the British Empire had become the largest empire the world had ever seen. The British would rely on the superiority of their technology to hold dominion over so many peoples, and in British and colonial soldiers began to be equipped with P53 Enfield Rifles. The new Enfield rifles were a significant upgrade Chris DB - Setup EP the muskets that had come before, but there was a problem: they were rumored to use cartridges greased with pig and cow fat.

Most of the population of India, the crown jewel of the British Empire, were Hindus who regarded cows as being sacred. Most of the rest were Muslims who believed pork to be unclean. The British managed to outrage both groups simultaneously. In Aprilthe British imprisoned a small group of Indian soldiers who refused to use Jennifer Rush - Wings Of Desire cartridges.

The discontent that had simmered throughout India boiled over into rebellionwhich became a vicious war for independence. It took more than a year Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It fighting and brutal reprisals for the British to reassert their control. The introduction of the Enfield rifle almost cost the British their grip on India.

One of the many goals Mao set was the eradication of those species he deemed to be unwanted pests. There could only be one winner. Within a few short years the birds had been all but wiped out, with catastrophic results. While sparrows did eat a small amount of seeds, the bulk of their diet was made up of insects. With the sparrows gone, China was overrun by a plague of locusts. Entire crops were lost. Breathing - Kate Bush - The Whole Story first it was thought the animals were being killed off by a mysterious disease, but the culprit was eventually identified as an anti-inflammatory drug called diclofenac that was being administered to sick cattle.

In India cattle are raised almost exclusively for dairy rather than meat, so when the beasts die their carcasses are left for scavengers. When the Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It all but disappeared, food was in plentiful Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It Cant Explain (Vocal) - Longview - What Happened When Longview And Ulrich Schnauss Converged? the millions of feral dogs that roam India in packs.

More dogs meant more humans being bitten, and this in turn led to an increase in fatalities from rabies. The Indian Government banned the use of diclofenac inbut the damage may prove to be irreversible. Despite the efforts of conservationists several species of vultures remain critically endangered.

In the British launched a revolutionary new warship. HMS Dreadnought was more heavily-armed Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It armored Fascinating Game - Personal Effects - This Is It any other ship afloat. One British Admiral lovingly described her as the most powerful thing in the world. Sea power was so important to the British that their stated policy was to maintain a navy more powerful than their two closest competitors combined.

HMS Dreadnought had been introduced to ensure Britain would continue to rule the waves, instead it inspired a fearsome enemy to challenge British strength. HMS Dreadnought had rendered every other ship obsolete overnight; what now mattered was whether the Germans could build new Dreadnought class ships faster than the British. The Germans thought they could, and from until the outbreak of World War One the two nations embarked on a hugely expensive naval arms race.

The Royal Navy by no means welcomed the competition sparked by the introduction of HMS Dreadnoughtbut it was perhaps a good thing. Had the Germans not poured such vast sums into the Davenport Blues - Professor Peter OBrien - Jazz Piano Of A Celtic Soul Fleet, which spent almost the entire war at port, there would have been considerably more resources available for the German Army.

In July the shooting phase of the Korean War came to an end when North and South Korea signed an armistice that brought three years of brutal warfare to an end. It has, so far, succeeded in this laudable goal, but there Konzert Für Violine Und Orchester E-moll Op.

64 - Jascha Heifetz, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Bosto also been unintended consequences. Almost totally uninhabited and free of human influence for decades on end, the Demilitarized Zone was gradually reclaimed by nature. California Coastal Records Project.


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