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AGM pictured below. When we were sent the document, we quizzed our source at length to check both the veracity and the legality of the document.

We sought legal advice before we ran the article to confirm that was the case with this particular data, and were told by more than one lawyer that it was. The letter made all manner of dire threats, some serious and some farcical, but the key thing was that it removed any doubt about the veracity of the spreadsheet — confirming that it was real and only accessible to a handful of senior SiU employees.

Scotland In Union appears to be breaking SHADOWS - The PYTHONS - [NEVER:ENOUGH] unhappy fragments. The media has increasingly distanced itself from the group in recent months, and its next accounts which were due to be filed last month should be fascinating. Category commentscottish politics Trackback: trackback from your own site. Very interest comments from you Stu.

Thank you for the good work. I found it interesting your comments that Ruthie is not happy with them. The usual shower of psycho of bastards who would do and say anything to line their own pockets with public money.

Kill and maim anyone to line their pockets. Break the Law with impunity. Disgusting beyond belief. Pearson is just a crook. Demoted 1. Allegro Vivace - Mozart* • Karl Böhm / Berliner Philharmoniker - Symphonien Nos.

35 - 41 the Police for criminal behaviour supported by criminal unionist politicians. Most of them should be in jail. Instead of troughing on the public purse. Enough is never enough for them. This SHADOWS - The PYTHONS - [NEVER:ENOUGH] the hallmarks of the historically shady Lord Lieutenants system — my impression was they were always elected at Tory dinner parties.

Honest to goodness well done Rev Stu. The unionist using Wings to settle their disputes. The irony. It is just absolutely hilarious. These lot are a small insignificant bunch. No doubt the floodgates are bound to open to single opposition to their appalling behaviour. Dig away moles. The criminal Young voted out, comes back as deputy Lord Lieutenant. Two of the biggest crooks in the City.

They get vote out and still come back to haunt. No one wants and cut funding for essential services. Causing traffic chaos and ruining the local economy. Along with their unionists mates. A disgrace to democracy and the City. Pycho bastards. Not fit for public service. On a illegally changed electoral system no one wanted. To give unfair advantage. Public disgrace. Oh dearie me …it doth appear that the rats are finally deserting the sinking ship that is was H.

Corrupt and Broken Union. Fascinating, telling and all pointing to a very fractured, demented and rudderless bunch of over-rich toffs. Rev Stu on a roll again. Go on get the bastards. If ever there was sweet revenge for their duplicity. Bigots SHADOWS - The PYTHONS - [NEVER:ENOUGH] racists. A cabel of crooks. SHADOWS - The PYTHONS - [NEVER:ENOUGH] innocent people.

Murdering bastards. Leave them to it. Wasted space. Icing on the cake to know that t Ruthless is frustrated by them too — How could they give the Union such a bad name and cause all these rich donors to keep their hands in their pockets — Damn!!! The trouble with a group of people like SiU is that they are fighting against Scotland because of their selfishness, their negativity and their bitterness and it looks like it is destroying them — Hell mend them.

Could it be a double bluff, somebody trying to settle scores within SIU and trying to get WOS dragged into a costly legal battle? We are probably going to see what a true grassroutes organisation is capable off. Do we suppose that the MSM have been sitting on this for some time and the anonymous source has turned to the Vile Cybernat Controller because of no luck elsewhere? SHADOWS - The PYTHONS - [NEVER:ENOUGH] usual, they try to ignore Wings, but now Data Dump has obliged with more, and distributed it widely, a MSM news blackout is beginning to look just a wee bit difficult to maintain.

Money is their God eh? A yoons number one Hunger - Various - MidCoast Takeover 2014 in life.

They are even taking ridiculous sums from their own kind! Greedy gits. I do feel a bit sorry for ordinary people in Scotland who, for whatever reason, still support the union.

In the run up to the referendum, I was angry about the fact Better Together never debated. They took a haughty attitude that they were the UK government and establishment, they had the media on their side and anyone pro indy was lower than vermin, to be called names like Cybernat, Natz etc and not engaged with. As a result, there were yes events — genuine grassroots, church halls etc — and there were no events — glitzy, invited audiences, media covered. Last time around, that hurt the yes cause as well as, SHADOWS - The PYTHONS - [NEVER:ENOUGH] critically, harming the democratic debate that should have been happening in Scotland and handing large swathes of it to the London-based media to simply denigrate or ignore one side of it.

These Lords, Ladies and wealthy press barons are the people speaking for the ordinary no voter on the streets of Scotland, and denying them their own voice, as well as denying Scotland a proper debate. In-fighting, fragmenting, groups each claiming the purest ideology … I thought that was the preserve of the far left.

Ah, so the plot thickens, or should that be the plotters are so thick. Absolutely hilarious. Fair cheered me up yesterday and today.

I think that maybe the yoons are in a fair auld pickle. Good enough for them. Who the Sam Hill gave these clowns from outside OUR country, the right to decide what will happen to us, or our independence. Well thank you Rev Stu, what a great job that you carry out on our behalf. You are worth your weight in gold sir, and you should take your place in history when the script is eventually written, and we are an independent country standing proud in the world.

This article will keep me entertained for the rest of the day. Nae wunner the wean that is is trying to crawl away. Well if this was quiet, is going to be one hell of a ride. Buckle up everybody. Lang may yer lum reek son, and watch yer back. I cannot believe they are doing this the news blackout is, I think more sinister than the English Nationalists in Scotland SiU secret meetings and activities.

I never actually thought the Centre could exercise such control over the media, and I did not think they would actually have a news black out, dangerous times. She must be in the know, regarding SiU, how far back do they go? Therefore that anonymity should be protected.

Hate to admit this, but they may have a point. Likewise, as subjects of the UK which Scotland voted to remain アラジン* - 完全無欠のロックンローラー their English domestic residence, will be brushed aside as irelevant. Someone made a very good suggestion yesterday, Labor - Esdrelon - Dust In Our Eyes putting up a map with all the postcode hits of approximate locations of donors.

This Mannish Boy - The Rolling Stones - Sucking In The Seventies be very hard hitting visually, and get round the above very nicely. Likewise number of Lords, Sirs, etc, SHADOWS - The PYTHONS - [NEVER:ENOUGH] naming names. It is nice to have conformation of something long suspected. It could prove to be a hornets nets poked, and a very time consuming management exercise thereafter.

So glad that your supping wi a very long spoon. Your dealing with very,very nasty people, mostly belonging to a very nasty party. It appears to be a chose your own colour tory party deal, funded by the normal Scottish backstabbers. When you said Electronical Improvisation V - Unknown Artist - Electronical Music was from someone within the organisation I feared that it was a set up.

Now I realise that is way beyond their intellectual capacity. Sums up UK Farewell to all that.


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