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A federal appeals court in San Francisco has granted a stay that will block gay and lesbian couples from getting married until at least December while a case that challenges California's ban on same-sex marriage moves forward. A three-judge panel of The Love Of A Boy - Julie Rogers - Julie Rogers 9th U. Circuit Court of Appeals String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro a motion filed by proponents of Proposition 8 to block gay and lesbian marriages for the time being.

In a statement released this afternoon, plaintiffs in the case said they are "gratified" by the expedited hearing schedule despite the fact that same-sex couples won't yet be able to marry. Last Thursday, U. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled against granting a long-term stay in the case but issued a temporary stay to allow Proposition 8 supporters to appeal the decision. The temporary stay was set to be in place until 5 Bread And Roses - Judy Collins - Bread & Roses (8-Track Cartridge, Album). If the appeals court hadn't granted the indefinite stay, gay and lesbian couples could have begun obtaining marriage licenses after that time.

The case stems from a federal lawsuit filed by two same-sex couples who claim Proposition 8 violates their rights under the U. On Aug. Dozens of same-sex couples had lined up at the county clerk's office at San Francisco City Hall on Thursday in anticipation of Walker's ruling on the stay.

They had cheered when told that Walker planned to let same-sex marriages proceed, but cheers turned to sadness as they learned of the temporary stay. Second, the scientific value of the project is newly in doubt. Third, possible conflicts of interest behind the project and the forces that create them are coming into sharper view.

Students who sign a consent form and underage students whose parents sign may submit saliva samples. Three genes from those String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro will be tested.

To date, approximately incoming freshmen have returned samples and UC Berkeley researchers are predicting approximately submissions total. Students making submissions have been informed that, in exchange, they will have anonymous access to their individual results. Meanwhile, UC Berkeley will own the aggregated anonymous data of all participants. Consistently, throughout the project, representatives of UC Berkeley have indicated that individual test results may suggest that, for better health, students should adjust their diet.

In their view, the test and accompanying dietary advice comprise a clinical trial — experimental medicine. Under California state law, human subjects may participate in such experimental testing only if the testing is recommended by a licensed physician to each individual patient, and if the lab work is conducted by a certified testing laboratory.

In particular, students who volunteer for testing will no longer be permitted access to their individual results. Their results will still be measured by the university and the university will still own the aggregate results—but students will not be permitted to see their individual results.

This change, according to UC String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro , will satisfy the law. As of this writing approximately students are known to have submitted samples for testing under the understanding that they would anonymously see their individual results, while UC Berkeley would own the aggregate data. Approximately students are expected to provide samples with that understanding C-Sides - Devitrification coming days.

The ethical question then arises: should the exercise be continued at all—or should the university simply destroy the samples and cancel the exercise. We decided we would do what we told the students we would [insofar far as] testing the genes and presenting as much data as allowed. We would be happy to give them as much as we are permitted to. Schlissel and Rine have repeatedly described the orientation exercise as a scientific experiment. We asked what hypothesis the experiment was designed to test.

He added that the methodology would involve the taking of attitudinal surveys. In effect, what appears on the surface to be a biological experiment now turns out to be a sociological experiment designed primarily by biologists in extensive consultation with colleagues of many disciplines.

These claims are somewhat surprising. InRine published research that studied one of the genes in question concerning folic acid metabolismString Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro the genetic variations that exist and their possible medical consequences.

One of the questions posed by this research is whether or not dietary adjustments are medically appropriate in response to the results of such a genetic test. It was not enough money to test our hypothesis.

So, four of us established a company with venture funding to fully fund the research. Rine suggested that such a funding pattern was the rule more than the exception, these days. The California Department of Public Health Лебединая песнь - Юрий Морфесси - Старинные Романсы, Песни instructed the University of California, Berkeley, not to proceed with a portion of its ground-breaking program to educate students about genetic testing and personalized medicine.

Some of more than 5, incoming freshmen and transfers students have already volunteered their saliva samples and signed consent forms allowing these tests. While the university still plans to analyze the DNA samples in a campus research lab, students who voluntarily returned samples will String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro be allowed to see their personal results.

Instead, the test results will be presented in aggregate to students during lectures and panel discussions planned for the fall semester. The change in the program comes despite the fact that the California State Senate Education Committee yesterday defeated an Assembly bill, AB 70, sponsored by Assemblyman Chris Norby R-Fullertonthat would have restricted the university's right to ask students String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro DNA for educational purposes.

The change to UC Berkeley's program was necessitated because the California Department of Public Health CDPH insisted that since students would have been given access to their own test results, the academic exercise was not exempt from laws designed to assure the accuracy and quality of diagnostic tests used in providing medical care to patients.

The state public health department is interpreting the federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments CLIA and the California Business and Professions Code, which mandate that medical diagnostic laboratories and the genetic tests they use be certified for accuracy and reliability.

The University of California has asked the CDPH to provide legal authority for its interpretation of the requirements applicable to research and teaching projects. An Aug. Because the UC Berkeley program is an educational experiment, the students are not patients, and the three specific genetic variants are not disease related, CLIA rules and the California statute do not apply, the letter stated.

Although UC Berkeley will no longer provide students with information about three of their genes, the campus-wide discussion of personalized medicine will continue come String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro. As a result of questions raised in the last few months, the program will focus prominently on the politics of genetic testing and whether individuals, rather than physicians and public agencies, ultimately control their own genetic information, said Schlissel.

Mark Horton to join one of this Pearl Jam - Riot Act panel discussions on personalized medicine. This year, Schlissel suggested a discussion of personalized medicine, which promises to revolutionize health care by using information about a person's unique genome to tailor medical interventions, and Rine offered to test three innocuous genes as a way to draw the interest of students.

In July, incoming students received a packet of information about the DNA testing program, a saliva kit, an anonymous bar code to attach to the sample, and a consent form authorizing the campus to test for three gene variants that would reveal aspects of how an individual metabolizes milk, alcohol and vitamin B9 folic acid.

The campus has scheduled a series of lectures, panel discussions and class sessions — which will go on as planned — around the subject of genetic testing. Our goal is to help Berkeley students Ewing Oi - Mår Bra the skills and understanding to be thought leaders on this topic as our society comes to grips with the many fascinating dimensions to our genome sequence.

A campus laboratory that routinely conducts genotyping was chosen to perform the DNA tests. The ruling of the state Department of Public Health would, in effect, disallow even those educational DDR 1 - Various - Der Eifelsampler that involve only limited numbers of genes that do not have a clinical market," Rine said. As originally planned, all DNA samples will be destroyed after this limited testing to further safeguard students' privacy.

The Union announced that postdocs approved the contract by an overwhelming vote of toor 96 percent in favor, in balloting that concluded Aug. The agreement includes a balanced compensation structure that will include both experience-based and general annual increases based on the National Institutes of Health NIH pay scale. Postdoctoral researchers provide valuable research on cancer, stem cells, climate change, alternative fuels, and many other cutting-edge fields in science and engineering.

Postdoctoral scholars at UC represent roughly 10 percent of postdoctoral scholars in String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro United States. Friday was the last day for candidates for Berkeley city offices to file the requisite paperwork to appear on the November ballot. Councilmember Kriss Worthington will have a third rematch in District 7 with perennial candidate George Beier, this time joined by newcomer Ces Rosales. New String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro are Joshua R.

Daniels, Norma J. School board candidates have until Wednesday to file, because incumbents Nancy Riddle and Shirley Issel are not running again, which automatically extends the filing period. Several candidates, present at the City Clerk's office to make sure all went as planned, took the opportunity to make statements for a Planet reporter. Rent Soulfly - Archangel member Dave Blake commented that "I'm sure if we all win, the Rent Board will do the best job it's ever done.

District 8 Councilmember candidate Stewart Jones hopes to get a chance to fix what he thinks is wrong with the current state of the city: "Unfortunately, city governance is moving in the wrong direction and I believe it is time for new leadership.

Public officials switched on a foot long, ton tunnel-boring machine today and made the first grinding cuts into a retaining wall that will eventually become the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel, project spokesman Jeff Weiss said today. During a commencement of drilling event held on the east side of the tunnel this morning, Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez and Caltrans Director Cindy McKim were the first to climb up a ladder and switch on the giant machine, known as a road header.

State Sen. Crews plan to grind about two-thirds of the way through the mountain from the east side and then, early this fall, they will bring in two smaller boring machines and begin drilling through the mountain from the west side as well. Because the rock is relatively soft, crews will have to stop about every three feet to build support, Weiss said.

They expect to be able to drill only about 10 feet Savin The Day - Various - Ghostbusters (Original Soundtrack Album) day.

The project is expected to be complete in late or early Berkeley has one new historic landmark—a year Marschmellows - From The Decks Of Marschmellows Victorian String Theory - Lin Culbertson - Quasi Sutro familiar to those who travel through the central part of town—as the result of efforts of a neighborhood history group and favorable action at the August 5,regular meeting of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

After taking public hearing testimony the Commission, unanimously voted to designate Dwight Way as a City Landmark. The large yellow painted wooden house sits on a wide lot I Believe In The Spirit - Tim Burgess - I Believe a Canary Island date palm in the front yard, and is a well-known sight on the north side of Dwight between Spaulding Avenue and California Street.

In this case, San Franciscan A. Fish, said to be a retired sea captain, commissioned the house in The house was constructed by A. The Fish-Clark house stands near the southeast corner of the Spaulding Tract, a central Berkeley subdivision originally laid out in the s.

Two members of the group, Pat Edwards and Lynne Davis, are the authors of record of the landmark application. Fish only lived at Dwight for a short period, and then sold the house to William and Lillie Clark, the former a mattress and furniture manufacturer. The house remained a single-family home throughwhen it was converted to six apartments. In the s a series of associations began that connected the house to emerging cultural and social movements in Berkeley. It would not be the same without it.

It once stood alone on the street frontage of Dwight between California and Spaulding. John English also spoke in favor of the landmark nomination, noting there were additional designated City landmarks—including the Brower family houses on Haste Street—built by A. This author also spoke in favor of the nomination, noting that Berkeley has lost most of its large, 19 th century, Victorian-era homes and Dwight is both a rare survivor and a visual landmark already along Dwight Way.

Myth Band - Cold Winds Blow fourth speaker, a Mr. Note: it was unclear to this writer whether the request was for the first 40 feet of the house itself, or the first 40 feet of the property, which includes the front of the house. His comments about landmarking only the front portion of the house led to a dialogue with members of the Commission.

What we do to accommodate changes is we call out features to be preserved. Davis said he was worried that landmarking would reduce the possible resale price of the house.


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