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Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File)

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Overstrained by the difficult and dangerous labor of the morning hours, which precisely at this moment called for extreme circumspection, discretion, forcefulness and exactitude of the will, even after the noon meal the writer had been unable to restrain the continued operation of the productive machinery within him—that motus animi continuus in which, according to Cicero, the nature of eloquence consists—and had not found the relieving slumber that, with the increasing tendency of his strength to wear out, was so necessary to him once in the course of the day.

And so, soon after tea, he had sought the outdoors, in hopes that the fresh air and activity would restore him and help him have a profitable evening.

Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other Death in Venice quote. He was most surprisingly conscious of an odd expansion within himself, a kind of roving unrest, a youthfully ardent desire for faraway places, a feeling so intense, so new or at least unaccustomed and forgotten for so long, that he stopped short as if rooted to the spot, his hands clasped behind him and his eyes fixed on the ground, in order to examine the nature and purpose of this sensation.

It was an urge to travel, nothing more; but it presented itself in the form of a real seizure, intensified to the point of passionateness; in fact, Fooling Around - Lucky Numbers - Fooling Around was like a delusion of the senses.

To be sure, ever since he was a young man this kind of dissatisfaction had meant to him the essence and inmost nature of talent; and it was for its sake that he had curbed and chilled his emotions, because he knew that emotions tend to be satisfied with a happy approximation and with less than perfection. Were his enslaved emotions now taking their toll by abandoning him, by refusing to further his art and lend it wings, by taking away with them all his delight in form and expression? His forebears had been officers, Orchestra Harlow - Freak Off, bureaucrats, men who had led their disciplined, respectable and frugal lives in the service of king and state.

It was from her that he derived the signs of foreign ancestry Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) his appearance. The marriage of sober official conscientiousness with darker, more ardent impulses produced an artist, this particular artist. At forty, at fifty—just as he had in years past, at an age when others are spendthrift daydreamers, blithely postponing the execution of great plans—he began his day early with Cumgun - Suck The Guts From My Slut of cold water over his chest and back, and then, a pair of tall wax candles in silver Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) shining over his manuscript, for two or three fervently conscientious morning hours he would sacrifice upon the altar of art the strength he had garnered during his sleep.

Strange connections! Significant destinies seemed to have left their mark on his head, which usually leaned sideways as if in pain; and yet it was art that had here undertaken that task of forming the features which is usually the work of a difficult, agitated life. Yes, even on a personal basis Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) is an enhancement of life. It makes you more deeply happy, it wears you out faster. It engraves on the face of its servant the traces of imaginary, intellectual adventures, and with time, even when his external existence is one of cloisterlike calm, it makes him spoiled and fastidious, producing a weariness and nervous curiosity that could hardly be generated by a lifetime full of extravagant passions and pleasures.

If you wanted to reach someplace overnight that was incomparable, different as a fairy tale, where would you go? But that was obvious! A week and a half after his arrival on the island, in the early morning haze, a swift motor launch carried him and his luggage back across the waters to the naval base, where he went on land only long enough to ascend a plank gangway onto the damp deck of a ship that lay under steam and was heading for Venice. One of these passengers, in a light yellow summer suit of an extravagantly stylish cut, red tie and jauntily uptilted Panama hat, outdid all the rest in jollity with his squawky voice.

But scarcely had Aschenbach taken a closer look at him, when with a sort of terror he realized that the youthful impression was spurious. This was an old man, there could be no doubt. Wrinkles surrounded his eyes and mouth. The faint crimson of his cheeks was rouge; the brown hair beneath the straw hat with its colorful band was a wig; his neck was scraggy and sinewy; his little stuck-on mustache and the tiny beard on his chin were dyed; the complete set of yellow teeth, which he displayed as he laughed, Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) a cheap denture; and his Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File), with signet rings on both index fingers, were those of an old, old man.

With a feeling of horror Aschenbach watched him and his intercourse with his friends. Who could avoid experiencing a fleeting shudder, a secret timidity and anxiety upon boarding a Venetian gondola for the first time or after a long absence? The strange conveyance, handed down without any change from ages of yore, and so peculiarly black—the only other thing that black is a coffin—recalls hushed criminal adventures in the night, accompanied only by the quiet splashing of water; even more, it recalls death itself, the bier and the dismal funeral and the final taciturn passage.

And have you observed that the seat in such a boat, that armchair painted black like a coffin and Holiday In Cambodia - Dead Kennedys - Live At The Deaf Club in a dull black, is the softest, most luxurious and enervating seat in the world?

With astonishment Aschenbach observed that the boy was perfectly beautiful. His face, pale Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) charmingly secretive, with the honey-colored hair curling around it, with its straight-sloping nose, its lovely mouth and its expression of sweet and divine earnestness, recalled Greek statues of the noblest period, and, along with its extremely Green Mansions (Abel And Rima) - J.D.

Robb - Electronic Music: From Razor Blades To Moog perfection of form, it was of such unique personal charm that the onlooker thought he had never come across anything so felicitous either in nature or in art. Then he raised his head and with his two hands, which were hanging down limply over the armrests of the chair, he made a slow turning and lifting motion, bringing the palms upward, as if he were opening his arms and holding them out.

It was a gesture that bespoke an open welcome, a calm acceptance. Soon the observer knew every line and pose of that body which was so elegant, which offered itself so freely; with joy he greeted anew each already familiar detail of his beauty; there was no end to his admiration, his delicate sensual pleasure.

What breeding, what precision of thought were expressed in this outstretched body, perfect in its youthfulness! But the severe and pure will, which, operating obscurely, had managed to bring this godlike image into the light of day—was it not well known and familiar to Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File), the artist?

Was it not operative in him as well when, full of sober passion, he liberated Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) the marble block of language the slender form which he had seen in his mind and which he presented to the world as an icon and mirror of intellectual beauty? Often, when the sun went down behind Venice, he Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) on a bench in the park to watch Tadzio, who, dressed in white with a sash of some bright color, was enjoying himself playing ball on the rolled gravel court; and it was Hyacinth whom he thought Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) saw, Hyacinth, who was fated to die because Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) gods loved him.

It was the smile of Narcissus bending over his reflection in the water, that profound, enchanted, long smile with which he holds out his arms to the mirror image of his own beauty—a very slightly twisted smile, twisted by the hopelessness of his endeavor to kiss the Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) lips of his reflection, coquettish, curious and quietly tormented, deluded and deluding.

He who had received this smile dashed away with it as with some fatal gift. He threw himself onto a bench; beside himself, he inhaled the nighttime fragrance of Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) plants. That was Venice, the obsequious and untrustworthy beauty—this city, half fairy tale, half tourist trap, in whose reeking atmosphere art had once extravagantly luxuriated, and which had inspired composers with music that gently rock you and meretriciously lulls you to rest.

The adventurer felt as if his eyes were drinking in this luxuriance, as if his ears were being wooed by these melodies; he also recollected that the city was sick and was disguising the fact so it could go on making money; and he was more unbridled as he watched for the gondola that glided ahead of him. For beauty, Phaedrus, take note! Or do you believe instead I leave the decision to you that this is a path of dangerous charm, truly a path of error and sin, which necessarily leads An Cat Dubh/ Into The Heart - U2 - Live At Red Rocks Under A Blood Red Sky (DVD) astray?

His head, leaning on the back of the chair, had slowly followed the movements of the boy who was walking far out there; now it rose, as if to meet that gaze, and fell onto his chest, so that his eyes looked up Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) below, while his face took on the limp, intensely absorbed expression of deep slumber.

But it seemed to him as if the pale, charming psychagogue out there were smiling to him, beckoning to him; as if he were raising his hand from his hip and pointing outward, floating Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) him into a realm of promise and immensity. And, as he had done so often, he set out to follow him. Minutes went by before people hastened to the aid of the man who had slumped sideways in his chair.

He was carried to his room. And, before that day was over, a respectfully shocked world received the news of his death. Which guides should we add? Request one! Plot Summary. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts.

The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of every Shakespeare play. LitCharts From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. Sign Blue Lou - Humphrey Lyttelton - Humph Plays Standards Sign Up. Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. Download this LitChart! Themes All Themes. Symbols All Symbols. Theme Wheel. The main character of the novella, Aschenbach is a successful, celebrated German writer who lives in Munich.

An old man, he has lived an austere, disciplined life dedicated to his writing. He rarely indulges in any leisure or pleasure, and is a highly repressed individual, denying most desires in order to dedicate himself fully to his work.

The sight of the red-haired manhowever, awakens a latent desire in him to travel, and he ends up taking a vacation in Venice. There, he undergoes a rapid transformation, as he confronts the repressed side of his personality and his inner desires. He becomes obsessed with the young boy Tadziofirst as a kind of work of art—a perfect example of youthful beauty—and then as an object of his erotic affections.

Aschenbach becomes increasingly intoxicated with the licentious atmosphere of Venice and dies a very different man from who he was in Munich, ignoring his work in order to pursue his desire for Tadzio, whose youth and beauty he idolizes at the expense of everything else. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:.

Chapter 1 Quotes. Related Characters: Gustav von Aschenbach. Related Themes: Art and the Artist. Page Number and Citation : 1 Cite this Quote. Explanation and Analysis:. Plus so much more Related Themes: Repression, the Mind, and the Self. Page Number and Citation : 3 Cite this Quote.

Page Number and Citation : 4 Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) this Quote. Page Number and Citation : 5 Cite this Quote. Chapter 2 Quotes. Page Number and Citation : 6 Cite this Quote. Page Number and Citation : 7 Cite this Quote. Page Number and Citation : Cite this Quote.

Page Number and Citation : 11 Cite this Quote. Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) 3 Quotes. Related Symbols: The Sea. Page Number and Citation : 12 Cite this Quote. Page Number and Citation : 13 Cite this Quote. Page Number and Citation : 16 Cite this Quote. Related Themes: Travel, Geography, and Climate. Page Number and Citation : 18 Cite this Quote.

Stray Ghost - Aschenbach (File) Characters: Gustav von AschenbachTadzio. Page Number and Citation : 20 Cite this Quote. Page Number and Citation : 24 Cite this Quote. Related Characters: Gustav von Aschenbach speakerTadzio.


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  1. Aschenbach is a writer who comes across Tadzio and his family while in Venice. He becomes obsessed with this young teenage boy who is beautiful, much like a Greek god in many ways.
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  5. Death in Venice Homework Help Questions. It has been claimed that in Thomas Mann's novella Death in Venice that "Gustav von Aschenbach's Part of what creates a plot structure in novels is that.
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