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Punishment - The Nocturnal Emissions* - Fruiting Body

Label: Klanggalerie - gg55 • Format: CD Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered • Country: Austria • Genre: Electronic • Style: Experimental, Industrial, Noise
Download Punishment - The Nocturnal Emissions* - Fruiting Body

It started of as an idea for a single - we hired Punishment - The Nocturnal Emissions* - Fruiting Body 4- track reel to reel to record it, but I ended up cutting that up with a lot of material from improvisations, endless, endless edits. This dissolves into a huge patchwork of multiply effected guitar and violin textures, ghostly voices, hypnotic echoing Dr Rhythm beats. The record is psychoactive.

One side ends with a lock groove of Elvis Presley saying "yes, yes sir thank you sir", the other's got a lock groove of a cat purring. Because of the extended rage of frequencies, the record had to be re-cut several times before it could be pressed. We put this out in a limited numbered edition ofwhich sold out immediately.

Rather than re-pressing it, we used the takings to put out our second LP a couple of months later. Sos, who was apparently suffering from some kind of mental illness, had sent hundreds of bundles of photocopied documents of his obsessive writing and collages to a massive list of Government agencies. Nigel Ayers had retrieved a bundle of these documents from the dustbins at the India High Commission in London. I am told that Mr. Ayers holds a gold medal in skip-diving. Back to Top of Page.

Whereas Tissue is more dreamlike, Fruiting Body is more your power electronics. A well-known commercial radio station was based in the same building. The joint-second vinyl release is labelled with an "SR2" catalogue number. MB was Maurizio Bianchia Milan-based experimentalist whose prodigious cassette output had to be Dressed Sharply - An Horse - Walls to be believed.

He even sent the money to pay for it, so I thought "what the hell"! Maurizio's sleeve artwork was a photo of the Auschwitz Orchestra, a group of concentration camp prisoners who were forced to play classical music as people were herded into the gas chambers. On top of this was the MB "rune". I stumped up the extra cash to make it an edition of I'm told he joined the Jehova's Witnesses.

He was SPK 's biggest fan, living in Wales at the time and working the night shift at a paint factory. He was saving up to buy every single Throbbing Gristle live tape. After he sent me a demo tape of these "actions": which sounded like old train sound effects record interspersed with the Phantom of the Opera and a Windmill in Old Amsterdam ; I decided he was the sort of individual who would be perfect for the Sterile label. Brian came down to stay with his friend Nigel who'd helped on the Lustmordekay cassette.

Brian made one rhythm track by pounding bricks together - the studio filled with a choking cloud of brick dust. Geff was probably terrified by Brian's percussion technique and had to be cajoled into plucking randomly at the bass guitar. At one stage Nigel took his headphones off and revealed that his ears were bleeding.

Lustmord in the studio, Punishment - The Nocturnal Emissions* - Fruiting Body This was transcribed by a Jamaican typesetter who wasn't very good at spelling at the best of times. So the booklet was quite hard to understand. For me, the shock tactics of the past few releases had Punishment - The Nocturnal Emissions* - Fruiting Body stale Cursed - 13th Chime - The Singles: 1981-1983 I wanted to explore something subtler.

This record represented a turning point. On one side we had the harsh noise we were famous for; and on the other eclectic rhythmic pieces, a tribal groove with lots of collaged sounds. I don't like to criticise former band members, so let's just say the usual sort of stupid rock n' roll things happened and the band was in disarray.

I was left with no instruments, and all the debts the band had accumulated. I put the Befehlsnotstand album together from various live tapes, emptied an old scrapbook to make the cover and set up a distribution deal through Red Rhino. It was Eichmann's defence when he was on trail for war crimes. This was the best-selling NE release to date.

This enabled the label to re-issue some of its earlier releases, publish larger editions and to use colour printing. Full colour cover! Class War ranting! Eating disorders! They just don't make them like this anymore! I prefer the playing order on the LP, it flows better. One of the last great battles against Thatcherism. I had a big list of famous groups who said they'd donate a track to this album, and in the end didn't. But, ho ho ho, some of the tracks on this record are very famous artists whose names still cannot be revealed for contractual reasons.

They are performing a cover version of Tie a Yellow Ribbon. The Assassins are in fact the Assassins of Hopewhich is a village in Derbyshire. The Band of Holy Joy perform a final track from their early electronic period. Language is a Walford Buchanon track.

Max Closure and the Graves is another secret supergroup with a singer called Dave. I think that might be my vocal talents on both the Qualk and the Lustmord tracks. Annie Anxiety calls herself Little Annie these days to avoid confusion with Anne Xiety, a stand-up act. The record was engineered and produced by Chris Carter. Could it be a conspiracy? He was once a member of the shock-rock band Whitehouse. Rumour has it that he also became a born-again Christian, which pissed off his pagan pals worse than anything.

Is religious fundamentalism the curse of Sterile Records? The first version of this was a series of New Age acoustic guitar pieces, alternating with tracks of Punishment - The Nocturnal Emissions* - Fruiting Body industrial noise. I didn't think Two More Bottles Of Wine - Emmylou Harris - Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town noise tracks were very convincing.

Not everyone can do noise properly, you know. So I put together a new version recycling some of their "mellow" tracks from earlier demos, and sent it back to Paul. He wasn't too pleased, but we settled for a new version which he put together; which became the finished product. I think the debate made for a better record.

D-Box is Walford Buchanan who produced proto-drum and bass ten years before anyone else did. Where Do It Right Now - K.

West* - First Invasion he today? Whores of Babylon were an excellent mostly-black, mostly-female punk band.

Pornosectwas Andrew Burton and his partner. Fear of Thought is one of our Danny 's projects, and the rest of the album is assorted riff raff and hangers-on.

And so many of them did this anonymously and were never credited. If this interview is ever published I'd like to thank the many Helix - R-O-C-K!

Best Of 1983-2000 who helped us along the way, they know who they are. Site Map. Network News.


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  1. Jan 23,  · This period was, in my opinion, Nocturnal Emissions finest moments. Lots of lo-fi distorted tape loops and crude electronics, heavily influenced,obviously,by Throbbing Gristle and Industrial Culture; based on the standard themes of Mind Control, information overload,and other Borroughsian concepts.
  2. Jun 16,  · Fruiting Body, an Album by Nocturnal Emissions. Released in on Sterile (catalog no. ION 2; Vinyl LP). Genres: Industrial/5(1).
  3. Os presento un magnífico trabajo de los primerísimos NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS editado por STERILE RECORDS en formato LP en Trece temas de electrónica industrial densa y sin concesiones, con tratamiento de cintas, ritmos hipnóticos, incursiones de voces y todo aquello que nos recrea tanto el oído y la mente cuando nos disponemos a escuchar a este grupo londinense.
  4. All selections were written, recorded, and produced by the Nocturnal Emissions at the Emission Control Studio, London, the weekend of 28th August ; with the exception of live recordings: A1 recorded 7th March at the Archway Studios, London A4 recorded 25th April at /5(20).
  5. All selections were written, recorded, and produced by the Nocturnal Emissions at the Emission Control Studio, London, the weekend of 28th August ; with the exception of live recordings/5(10).
  6. 3. Punishment 4. Dogs 5. Model Control Organism 6. Infected Side B: 1. LD 2. Breeding Ground 3. Routine Surveillance Exercise 4. Animal Byproduct 5. Manifesto 6. Moss Side 7. The Erasure "Fruiting Body" was released by Sterile Records in Get it here: Nocturnal Emissions - Fruiting Body.

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