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Intro - Totenhaus - Slit Your Throat

Label: Beast Of Prey - BOP 07 • Format: CDr Limited Edition • Country: Poland • Genre: Electronic • Style: Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise
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All posts and comments must follow Reddit's site-wide content policy. If you make a post explicitly asking for advice on how to commit an actual crime including suicide or answer such a post, you may be banned from the subreddit and reported to the admins. Can you kill yourself by cutting your own throat? Intro - Totenhaus - Slit Your Throat , how? I know the act of having your neck sliced open would kill you but could you do it to yourself? And how deep would the cut Intro - Totenhaus - Slit Your Throat to be?

People have Intro - Totenhaus - Slit Your Throat themselves this way so it is definitely possible. You would just have to feel for the pulse in your neck. This is an artery and it's not that deep and easily cut with a razor Who Saw Him Die?

- Jurassic Jade - War By Proxy knife. You would bleed out pretty quick, pass out and die very quickly. Of course you can, but unless you have balls bigger than King Kong's, you're not going to do it. Yep, Charles Rocket did it not too long ago. IIRC cutting one's throat was a pretty popular method but I can't google a source for that easily now.

Yes, many people don't have the nerve to, taking pills or pulling a trigger is one thing, but feeling the pulse, and slashing into Montego Bay - Various - A Taste Of The High Life own body is another matter altogether. This was the main way of suicide in pre imperial china and after as well. Using a very sharp sword at your throat and then in a smooth and quick motion you cut through your arteries.

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Post a comment! Create an account. The only difficulty would be gathering enough courage to do it in the first place. I would definitely agree, super uncommon. Because of the length of the sword it cut deeper and more thoroughly.


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  1. A throat slit might be seen as a step up suggesting that an argument has got highly intense. Perhaps you are really mistrusting someone? Think of some major resentments or intense feelings. A slit throat will link to some highly inflamed emotions so it should be easy to spot what has triggered your emotions.
  2. Slit Your Own Throat Lyrics: Exempt from the laws which you created / Your thought out lies becoming dated / Ruin our lives then plead for support / The noose around your neck is getting taught.
  3. Mar 30,  · How to get rid of muscle knots in your neck, traps, shoulders, and back - Duration: Tone and Tighten Recommended for you.
  4. Apr 30,  · How to make a slit throat effect, I admit it's not a very detailed tutorial, because I made especially for personal exercise. so if you have specific questions on how to achieve it ask without.
  5. (dark ambient / industrial / noise / darkwave) Beast Of Pray - Label Discography MP3, kbps» Label packs, Scene packs (lossy):: mightworkerfedicoifyn.infoinfo
  6. Can you kill yourself by cutting your own throat? Close. 0. Posted by. u/Wendy-M. 3 years ago. Archived. Can you kill yourself by cutting your own throat? Also, how? I know the act of having your neck sliced open would kill you but could you do it to yourself? And how deep would the cut have to be? 10 comments. share.
  7. What does it feel like to cut your throat. 1 Not an instant death. When a throat is slit it can take up to several minutes for a person to become unconscious. In some cases this can happen in a few seconds, whereas in other cases the person can remain conscious for minutes.
  8. It would most likely be the most painful experience you ever had. Not only would you have the sensation of someone cutting into your own skin, you would also likely drown in your own blood as your lungs would fill with blood if your windpipe and m.
  9. Sep 18,  · Muslims: Do You Really Believe That Slitting Animal Throats Is "Halal"? I was talking to my Muslim friend and hes a vegetairan and we were just talking and I asked him why he was a vegetarian and he told me that its because in his religon they can only eat certain types of meat when the animals throat has been slit and all the blood is drained.

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