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Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz - Demon Days (Vinyl, Album)


Download Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz - Demon Days (Vinyl, Album)

Demon Days is the second studio album by English virtual band Gorillaz. As with the Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz - Demon Days (Vinyl eponymous debutthe release of Demon Days and its respective live performances were both accompanied Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz - Demon Days (Vinyl various multimediaincluding interactive features on the Gorillaz website, Hello Dolly - Nikola Janev & Golden Swing - Golden Swing (Reduta Live) total of four animated music videos, and animatics Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz - Demon Days (Vinyl select videos.

Almost all visuals associated with the album were designed by Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlettunder his design company Zombie Flesh Eaters. Outperforming their debut, the album has sold eight million copies worldwide, [4] [5] and spawned the singles " Feel Good Inc. Spin ranked Demon Days as the fourth-best album ofwhile Mojo ranked it at number eighteen on their year-end list and hailed the album as a "genre-busting, contemporary pop milestone".

The NME placed the album at number 98 on their list of greatest albums of the decade, [6] and Uncut placed it at number 75 on their list of top albums of the decade.

By the time Albarn was ready to start writing and recording Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz - Demon Days (Vinyl for the Gorillaz movie, the whole idea had already been scrapped, although ideas from the movie's script were still used, including the themes of being driven by ego and the world being trapped in an endless night. Despite this, the album's main source of inspiration actually came about as a result of Albarn's train journey from Beijing to Mongolia where he, his partner and six-year-old daughter spent a day travelling through what Albarn describes as a "weird, unspoken, On The Rocks - Gillan - Mr.

Universe part of China. It was basically dead trees as far as the eye can see," Albarn recalls. There are little satellite towns in the middle of these semi deserts that are absolutely on their knees. And it's the size of Europe this area. And then you wake up in the morning with this nightmare in your head and it's blue sky and beautiful sand, which looks fantastic now but was probably something else millions of years ago.

And that will Album) to us in our lifetime. It's what we're living in basically, the world in a state of night. Hewlett was excited by the prospect of a second Gorillaz album, saying, "Let's repeat the same process, but do it better. Because everyone thought it was a gimmick. If you do it again, it's no longer a gimmick, and if it works then we've proved a point. Indian House - Sly & Robbie - Indian House instantly, all of us got excited".

The most obvious difference on the band's sophomore offering is the absence of Dan "The Automator" Nakamura as the acting musical producer. I think the last record was a lot more simplistic. It was virgin territory — animated hip-hop, reggae, stroke-rock, Latin Weary Blues - Louis Armstrong - Satchmo.

. A Musical Autobiography Of Louis Armstrong — there's a lot more intricacy with this record. I had a very up-and-down year [in ], but it was definitely a big up when I got a chance to [work with Gorillaz]. You just pick it up. All you have to do is figure out the best thing they're doing and how it's going to fit within the context of the whole project.

That goes back to putting together a song on a computer-based program. You're looking for all the parts that are going to make something sound right.

It's also being able to communicate. That song leads into a stretch of ethereal vocal harmonies in a clear homage to the Beach Boys.

Albarn said he couldn't make the vocal parts sound right Over Here - Scorcher - Jungle Book he had a minor revelation.

So I did three harmonies smiling with my face. And then one just being really miserable, which was Brian. Now it's got that vibe. It's a very real problem, but I'm not treating it as a problem. It's part of the brutalisation of a generation that's going on at the moment". During the whole Oasis thinghe and Bernard Sumner were the only two who cared about what I was going through. How can you fight when you've got the tabloids and a working class attitude on your back? You're fucked.

But Shaun was really sweet to me and made me feel a whole lot better about it. Because I did get quite upset about it, so was selecting Shaun karma in action, then? Yeah, definitely". The song's title is purported to have come about due to Ryder's thick Mancunian accent he was Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz - Demon Days (Vinyl to say the phrase "It's There", which was the song's original title, so it was change simply to "Dare".

Albarn provides backing vocals; however, to blend his vocals with Gabor's, his voice was toned down to be slightly covered up. Albarn's full vocalization can be heard on the D-Sides remix album.

D-Sides features a demo version of "Dare" entitled "People". This version contains the same Album) beat while lacking the majority of the keyboards and effects in the final recording. Unlike the final version, it is completely sung by Damon Albarn and features an Omnichord breakdown. The track does not appear on the album or D-Sideshowever, the track was sampled by Topley-Bird for her song "Soldier Boy", which appears as a B-Side for her song "Poison" which features Roots Manuva and features a production credit for Gorillaz.

The track can be heard partially on the Gorillaz documentary-film Bananaz. Sputnik Music wrote that the album's style "is a strong foray into the melding of hip-hop into pop and rock music. Demon Days prominently makes use of string sectionswhich were organized under the lead of Isabelle Dunn, who formed Demon Strings for the album and its later live performances.

Albarn has said that the album is meant to be a depiction of a journey through the night in which each track represents a confrontation with a personal 'demon'. The album also has many lyrical themes centered on the destruction humans are causing worldwide; speaking about the track "Fire Coming out of the Monkey's Head", Albarn explained, "That came from a very naive idea, which is: what is going to happen when they've taken all of the oil out of the earth? Aren't there going to be these vast holes?

Surely those holes shouldn't be empty. Surely there is a reason why they had all of this in. It's like bad plastic surgery, eventually it collapses. Demon Days was first mentioned in articles detailing the reopening of Gorillaz' website in early December Initially, a March or April release date was announced, but this date was later pushed back.

Another early title was reported to be Reject False Iconswhich is also the title of Gorillaz' culture jamming project. In January a promo for the song " Dirty Harry " was released as a white label 12"and an exclusive video was released online entitled " Rock It ".

It was later reported that the track would not appear on the album, although it later appeared on D-Sidesa collection of remixes, rare songs and B-sides released in November Demon Days' lead single " Feel Good Inc.

The limited edition of the album includes a DVD containing the video, audio commentary and an animatic for the music video "Feel Good Inc. The phrase 'Reject False Icons' was first mentioned on 24 November on a Gorillaz mail out to fans. Fans could submit their photos of ways to spread the message by using graffiti or by sticking 'Reject False Icons' stickers that were available for a limited period from the site and from selected record shops in the UK.

In Decemberthe Gorillaz launched their own talent contest, Search for a Star, to find an artist to collaborate with. A gallery room was added to Kong Studios which displayed all of the entries.

Gorillaz' competition was initially run to pick just one winner from entries submitted to Gorillaz. However, at the end of the competition, it was announced that two further entries — one from the submitted images, and one from the submitted audio files — would be chosen by online vote.

The winners were also originally supposed to have their own rooms in Kong Studios, but that never came to pass. At Metacriticwhich assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream critics, Demon Days received an average score of 82, indicating "universal acclaim". Rob Mitchum of Pitchfork felt that while Demon Days was uneven, Albarn's experiments "fit together just often enough to again make Gorillaz more than mere Adult Swim novelty.

Spin ranked Demon Days as Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz - Demon Days (Vinyl fourth best album of[45] while Mojo ranked it at number eighteen on their year-end list and hailed the album as a "genre-busting, contemporary pop milestone. Credits for Demon Days adapted from liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alternative rock dark pop hip hop trip hop. Parlophone Virgin.

The band's most successful single " Feel Good Inc. Albarn Hewlett Brian Burton. Album) Hewlett Burton Romye Robinson. Albarn Hewlett Burton David Jolicoeur. Albarn Hewlett Daniel Dumile. Albarn Hewlett Burton Shaun Ryder. Retrieved 7 December Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 20 May Archived from the original on 19 January Retrieved 9 August Archived from the original on 9 July Retrieved 19 August Archived from the original on 18 March Future Music.

August Retrieved 30 December Archived from the original on 11 July Sputnik Music. Retrieved 14 October Retrieved 13 January Wake Up - Circa Diem - Circa Diem Retrieved 8 August


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  1. Demon Days' lead single "Feel Good Inc." became Gorillaz' biggest hit at the time, while the album's second single, "Dare" featuring Shaun Ryder, was a big hit as well and gave the band their first No. 1 single in the UK. Since its release, Demon Days has been certified double platinum in the US and 5× platinum in the mightworkerfedicoifyn.infoinfo: Alternative rock, pop, hip hop, trip hop.
  2. May 11,  · “Every Planet We Reach Is Dead” is about a lost relationship with Mother Nature, the girl who’s mentioned in the lyrics. Its general message is relevant to other songs on the album such as.

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