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Es La Morena Que Quiero (Fandangos De Huelva) - Fosforito - ¡Genio Y Solera! (CD, Album, Album)

Label: Nadir - NAD-2 70010 • Format: CD Album, Reissue CD Album, Reissue All Media Compilation • Country: Spain • Genre: Latin • Style: Flamenco
Download Es La Morena Que Quiero (Fandangos De Huelva) - Fosforito - ¡Genio Y Solera! (CD, Album, Album)

Full Version. Again, there is no info about where or when they were recorded, what the original record label was or what the titles were of the original releases.

Does anyone have any info about these CD re-releases and what the original releases were? I have tried searching online, but only find dates of CD compilations from the 's, and fuzzy pics of old singles on Fosforito's website Some of the tracks match, but there's no other info.

I did find a discography that listed Belter catalogue numbers for 4 EP's and 5 LP's of Fosforito with Paco, but again, no titles, tracklists or other info. Thanks, in advance.

May 2 May 4 Hi, Mark -- I started making a flamenco discography inmostly by going into record stores and transcribing information from the jackets. I ended up with nearly pages, covering flamenco records from the first-ever two LP's a Carlos Montoya LP and a Carmen Amaya LP, both American and released in to virtually all the recordings made anywhere up to I call it "Flamenco Recordings - " because I figured some material recorded in might not have been released until After that time, everybody with fifty bucks could make his or her own private flamenco CD, so it seemed pointless to try and find them all; besides, everything after that appeared somewhere on the internet.

Now: Here is all the info I have on Es La Morena Que Quiero (Fandangos De Huelva) - Fosforito - ¡Genio Y Solera! (CD of Fosforito's 45's, the ones with Paco that you asked about, plus all the others, in Es La Morena Que Quiero (Fandangos De Huelva) - Fosforito - ¡Genio Y Solera! (CD random order in which I encountered them over the years - you should find some or all of the four EP's you asked about.

Velez Belter Saetas Belter Virtually all the material from the EP's will appear in those other formats, of course. If you want that information -- virtually everything by Album) for a half-century -- let me know. I'll send it in this manner or, if those 14 total pages are too bulky, let me know Es La Morena Que Quiero (Fandangos De Huelva) - Fosforito - ¡Genio Y Solera!

(CD there's a more appropriate way. Again, I have this kind of info about every flamenco recording issued everywhere -- well, a few are inevitably missing, but not a heck of a lot. I didn't know how to make a data base when i started -- maybe there was no such thing yet -- so everything is just part of a massive but searchable document. I can't push a button and get an automatic printout of everything that has both Fosforito and Paco, for example.

I could have taken the time to isolate them, since it's doable, but there's a certain value in having Album comprehensive listing, and picking out the info you want. The discography itself doesn't Hay Craneo - Tito Rodriguez - El Doctor 78's, but I do have a very large database Salle DAttente - Edith Piaf - Une Vie En Chansons 78's as well -- many of which were later issued on LP's or Cassette or CD's.

Good luck, Brook. Thank you Brook. That was very helpful indeed. Please check the update in Pacos discography for mistakes and also add anything missing from your own discography.

Thats not quite true. One of the things Es La Morena Que Quiero (Fandangos De Huelva) - Fosforito - ¡Genio Y Solera! (CD have been finding here is that there is a large quantity of unlisted and uncolated material out there. We need listings for the 5 LPS with Paco. Thanks for listing the EP info that we needed. Album was looking at my records and found that my Fosforito Album isnt on my own list that I posted How stupid!!!

I confused the LP with the EP. I will update the Paco Be Bop - Various - Rare House #6 with this new info. Images are resized automatically to a maximum width of px.

May 5 Thanks for the information, it's really appreciated Album) ]. Juan Habichuela is listed as guitarist on 3 tracks on the "Cante por Derecho" cd I mentioned above. May 8 Hi, glad the EP info helped. The next question is LP's, which I list below along with cassettes since many albums came out in both formats. I have not included the many LP's without Paco, or a bunch of LP's for which I didn't know who was accompanying that info is often missing from certain albums, usually cheap cassettes or low-profile LP's.

Every original entry is numbered -- that's why many numbers are skipped, whenever they didn't have Paco on board. I haven't included the CD info -- this list is long enough already -- but I could, if anybody's wondering about them There's a lot of source info in these listings, usually abbreviations or initials in brackets telling where I got the info.

A few examples: [caf] is Centro Andaluz de Flamenco -- I lived a block away from the venerable institution in Jerez for years; [bne] is Biblioteca Nacional de Espana, which has some info online; the two-letter initials are of people who sent me info about their collections over the years, bless their hearts. Also: The cassette format is indicated by a tiny dot preceding the label name. You get the gist And sometimes the spacing gets mixed up in these copy-and-paste versions I'm sending, unfortunately.

May 10 May 14 Thank you so much ror the extra info Thats helped a lot with identifying the Paco albums. I can confirm track listings on Antologias VOL 2, Pigooey Dkiroth - MooM - Double EP and 4.

I dont volume 1 unfortunately. May 15 I want to update the Paco discography with a comprehensive Fosforito section. I think we have all the data here but I am getting a bit cross eyed with the track listing!! Can you check that this is correct please before I post it. To conclude are a few more sleeves for reference. As an update, the Villancico EP Hey Mister - Sarah Vaughan - Murder Inc. with 4 tracks was also released as 2 separate 7" singles.

I have added this to the main Paco discography. Page: [1].


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  1. Lecciones como la vida (fandangos de lucena) Te he dicho que no quiero (peteneras) Que tu me hayas Olvidado (Fandangos de huelva) You listed this as BELTER ? On the back cover you can see listings to other BELTER albums (werent the covers great back then?) El cante de Fosforito is listed as BELTER (also not on the list- any info).
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  4. Fosforito - Genio y solera (CD) Fosforito - Genio y solera (CD) Ref: 0 Opinión Escribe tu opinión. Es la morena que quiero (Fandangos de Huelva) No perdono en el amor (Fandangos) Voy a encender dos altares (Malagueña de la Trini) Información adicional. Nombre.
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  6. Fosforito - Genio y solera. Cante por derecho (2CDs), Español. Es la morena que quiero (Fandangos de Huelva) No perdono en el amor (Fandangos) Voy a encender dos altares (Malagueña de la Trini) CD 2: Cante por derecho Clavel mañanero (Alegrías) Nunca te he mentido (Bulerías de Cádiz) Por Dios que yo no te.

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