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Cajun Twist - Octa Clark & Hector Duhon, The Dixie Ramblers* - Ensemble Encore

Label: Rounder Records - 6011 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Cajun
Download Cajun Twist - Octa Clark & Hector Duhon, The Dixie Ramblers* - Ensemble Encore

Cajun music French : Musique cadiennean emblematic music of Louisiana played by the Cajunsis rooted in the ballads of the French-speaking Acadians of Canada. Cajun music Cajun Twist - Octa Clark & Hector Duhon often mentioned in tandem with the Creole -based zydeco music, both of Acadiana origin, and both of which have influenced the other in many ways. These French Louisiana sounds have influenced American popular music for many decades, especially country musicand have influenced pop culture through mass mediasuch as television commercials.

Cajun music is relatively catchy with an infectious beat and a lot of forward drive, placing the accordion at the center. Besides the voices, only two melodic instruments Cajun Twist - Octa Clark & Hector Duhon heard, the accordion and fiddle, but usually in the background can The Dixie Ramblers* - Ensemble Encore be heard the high, clear tones of a metal triangle. The melodic range is just one octave, rising a fifth above the tonic and descending a fourth below.

Because the Cajun accordion is a diatonic instrument The Dixie Ramblers* - Ensemble Encore or natural major scale it can only play tunes in a few keys. For example, a "C" accordion is tuned such that the entire C scale is available on the ten buttons over two octaves and it can play a tune in the key of C with all the notes of the C scale available C-D-E-F-G-A-B.

A "C" accordion can also play a tune in the key of G, but one note of the G scale will be missing which is F. So tunes played in the key of G will not have an F note. A "C" accordion can also play a few Cajun songs in the key of F however the Bb note will be missing. Also it can play in the key of D with a bluesy sound since the F natural note becomes a flat third or minor third in the key of D. However a skilled accordion I Tuoi Occhi Sono Pieni Di Sale - Rino Gaetano - All The Best can play in these other keys and still make good music whereby the notes missing because of the limitations of the diatonic tuning are not needed by the melody.

Since an instrument must match the singer's range, much Cajun singing is sung in the singer's upper range. The accordionist gives the vocal melody greater energy by repeating most notes. This style comprises the roots of Cajun dance music, involving only a few instruments such as the Cajun accordionfiddleand triangle. This form holds firm to a basic rhythm with staccato style notes, including lots of fiddle double stops.

Each fiddle solo is composed of a major scale riff, repeated between verses. This form has existed since the Persuasion - Mark* & David Jaeggi - Jags Music s and the waltz and two-step are the most common dances of this Cajun music genre.

Many songs that became standards in the Cajun music repertoire were first recorded in this period of the s and s. This style involves heavy elements of Texas country music influence and Pioppo Tremulo 1 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of Afe (File) move away from the traditional accordion.

This music has more of a "swing" style popularized by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. Instead of the music being dominated by the accordion, Cajun swing relies heavily on the fiddle and piano with a swinging tempo. Bands in the s began using the steel guitar, an instrument which also found use in dancehall Cajun Intro (Preview) 20 Plus - Carlos Ward - Live At The Bug & Other Sweets. Dances such as " the jig " are common among this genre of Cajun music.

Leo SoileauJ. This style, Dancehall Cajun is often known in South Louisiana as " Fais do-do " music because it is commonly played at fais do-dos ; The Dixie Ramblers* - Ensemble Encore in turn comes from the local practice of couples bringing their children with them to the dance hall.

This period is defined as such due to the fact that more bands moved from the house dances to large halls, as well as, electrical amplification of instruments to cut through the noise of the crowd. It is similar to traditional Cajun music with added accompaniment such as the bass guitardrum kitsteel guitarand rhythm guitarelectric or acoustic. The same abrupt, staccato feel can be felt as in traditional Cajun. This style originated in the post-war era of the late s and continues up until the present in small town dancehalls.

Electrification of the dance venues allowed the fiddle to be played in a smoother style, alternating leads with the accordion. The steel guitar also adds remarks. Typically in dancehall Scottish, Danse Villageoise - Cantu Di Cirnu - Splendeurs Du Folklore Corse performances the melody is played by the accordion followed by a bridge, a vocal verse, a leading line by the steel guitar, a leading line by the fiddle, then a leading line by the accordion player again followed by a bridge.

This is followed by the next vocal verse, and so on. Drawing on elements of the earlier traditional, Texas swing, and dancehall periods, the Cajun "renaissance" also incorporates more modern elements of folkblues, jazz and swamp popand bluegrass styles. The fiddle players relax, involving a more legato feel to the solos. The quick fiddle action and double stops are missing, replaced by dominant blues chords and jazz slides.

Although led by the accordion, the electric guitarwashboardand keyboard are all present in this form. Doug Kershaw Cajun Twist - Octa Clark & Hector Duhon "Louisiana Man", an autobiographical song that he had written while in the army. One of the most popular Cajun Twist - Octa Clark & Hector Duhon Bands is Atchafalaya [5].

The unaccompanied ballad was the earliest form of Cajun music. The narrative songs often had passionate themes of death, solitude or ill-fated love — a reaction to their harsh exile and rough frontier experience, as well as Cajun Twist - Octa Clark & Hector Duhon of love and humorous tales. Ballads were ritually sung at weddings and funerals, and sung informally for small groups of Escape From Reality - Alcoholator - Escape from reality at house parties as the food cooked and young children played.

The early songs were mixtures of la la, contredansesreels and jigs and other folk influences from black, white and Native American traditions. Early song lyrics were entirely in Cajun French. Though French-language songwriting is still common, some Cajun music today is sung in English with younger singers and audiences.

In earlier years, the fiddle was the The Dixie Ramblers* - Ensemble Encore Tabou Mania - Tabou Combo - Live Au Zénith Les Plus Grands Succès. Twin fiddling traditions represent the music in its purest form, as it was brought to Louisiana with the early immigrants and before popular American tunes mingled with it.

Gradually, the Cajun accordion emerged to share the limelight. In the early s, the accordion was pushed into the background by the popular string sounds of the time. Piano and other string instruments joined fiddle to create a jazzy swing beat strongly influenced by Western Swing of neighboring Texas. The Cajun fiddle was a well established instrument which had been somewhat eclipsed by the German accordion fad, which had similar effect in French Canada.

But in the Depression era the tide turned, and, according to Stricklin et al. Also, in the late s and s, country music became the dominant influence on Cajun music, and steel guitar and bass were introduced. Modern Cajun music began taking on the influence of jazz and modern country music, resulting in a more polished sound.

The acoustic guitar was added, mostly as a rhythm instrument, and the triangle provided a traditional percussion. Modern groups sometimes include drumselectric basselectric guitars and amplified accordion and fiddles.

Cajun music, born from ballads, has transformed to dance music—with or without words. The music was essential for small get-togethers on the front porchan all night house dance known as a " bal de maison ", or a public dance in a dance hall called a fais do-do.

In mild contrast, zydeco dancing is a syncopated two-step or jitterbug. A Cajun dancer will cover the dance floor while the zydeco dancer will primarily dance in a smaller area.

Cajun music can be found predominantly at Louisiana festivals and dance halls, in addition to weddings in Acadiana. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cajun music Stylistic origins Acadian ballads Cultural origins Late 18th century, Cajuns in LouisianaNew Spain Typical instruments Cajun accordion fiddle steel guitar guitar triangle harmonica bass guitar upright bass.

Swamp pop zydeco. See also: History of Cajun music. Main article: Western swing. World Music: A Global Journey 1 ed. Archived from the original on Retrieved American folk music. Louisiana roots music and dance. City of Lafayette. Categories : Cajun music. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Late 18th century, Cajuns in LouisianaNew Spain. Cajun accordion fiddle steel guitar guitar triangle harmonica bass guitar upright bass.

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  1. 15 March A la mode de chez nous, French American music and dance tour, Lafayette, LA – Octa Clark and Hector Duhon (Octa Clark [vcl/accordion], Hector Duhon [fiddle], Michael Doucet [gt])Author: Praguefrank.
  2. Though Cajun and zydeco music are not native to New Orleans (they're rooted in Acadiana, the area around Lafayette), they've made a solid and lasting impression on the Big Easy's musical scene. You'll see lots of Cajun and zydeco bands at all of the major New Orleans festivals, including Jazz Fest, the French Quarter Festival, and (obviously) the Cajun-Zydeco Festival.
  3. Cajun Rambler Band Revised and Alive as a Trio. Sunday 8/6 from pm for Juke Joint Sunday at Tin Roof Brewing. Allons Dancer!
  4. Sep 13,  · Old time Cajun music is right, and these two old pros Octa Clark & Hector Duhon knew exactly how to play it right, as Octa always said it "you can't go wrong if you play it right", Clark rocks on accordion & vocals, Duhon is sure-fire on fiddle, also filling in the gaps on guitar is Michael Doucet/5(8).
  5. Preceding Alphabetic Section Home Bottom of File. Folk Music Index: Cre to Cry. Creal Springs Breakdown. Volo mightworkerfedicoifyn.infoinfode of Buncombe, Marimac , Cas (), trk# A The Creation. Uf - Dese Bones Gwine/Goin' to Rise Again; Walkie in the Parlor The Creation Song.
  6. Music. In addition to being known as the Cajun & Creole Country, Lafayette, LA is also known as the Heartbeat of Acadiana and with good reason. Our distinctive mix of Cajun, Creole and Zydeco have people coming down from all over for a two-stepping good time.

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