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All Alone Am I - Various - The Original Peach Tree Collection

Label: Minos - 6075/6076 • Format: 2x, Cassette Compilation • Country: Greece • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Pop Rock, Rock & Roll
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I am a human who was transported to Equestria. I did not read the fine print. This is my story. I hope that it may serve as a warning for others. I no longer have a name, for I no longer need one. This is my story, and I hope it serves as a warning for others. I was human once. It is hard to remember now. I know very little of my past life, but I do remember the day that I came here. Oh yes, I remember that day vividly. It was the day that everything went wrong. There was a man, or perhaps it was a vision, or something else.

Whatever he was All Alone Am I - Various - The Original Peach Tree Collection , he offered me the chance of a lifetime. It had been my dream, my fantasy, my greatest desire; he offered to send me to Equestria. He had on a strange costume, with yellow contacts and a lion's paw.

His cloak covered the rest. These weren't the ramblings of an insane man, though, for I knew he could do it. He offered me a contract. A contract which, to my dismay, I never read. Why didn't I read it? I don't know. It is my greatest regret. He even said that I should, in case I found something disagreeable. I didn't listen.

I just signed it. I-I guess that all I really wanted was ponies, and how could anything associated with ponies go so bad? This wasn't just some fantasy here—this was real, live ponies! Honest-to-goodness loveable Equestrian ponies! I-I screwed up. I really did. An now I am in Equestria This subject is still very sore for me, and I want to stay calm as I retell it.

I did indeed arrive in Equestria. I should have read that fine print, or any print for that matter. I really should have. I had expected to be a pony, or at least stay human, but I had no such luck. I'd have been happy to be dragon or gryphon, or even a fabulous sea serpent, but I am none of those things. Nor am I a cow, or a donkey, or even a diamond dog. I may have missed something, but you get the point. I'm not even something that can talk.

That's bad enough, but my current situation is far worse—far, far worse. I'm not a timberwolf. I'm not a cragidile. I'm not an owl or a bunny or even any other type of animal.

I'm also not a parasprite, and I think I lucked out there. Those things are totally gross. At least I'd be able to fly, though—or move; moving would be nice. I might as well just go ahead and say it. I'd sigh if I could. I am a peach, on a peach tree, hanging out with other peaches. This is just peachy. Hmm, I wonder if the other peaches are also humans that have been transported into Equestria.

I certainly hope not—there are so many of them. It's been the same thing for several days now. Just the sun in the day, and the moon at night. I've only seen one pony so far, but she is not one that I recognize from the show. She is here again now, and dragging baskets with her. She looks very much like a peach herself.

She has, well, peachy fur, a green, leafy mane and tail, and a basket of peaches for a cutie mark. She's out here alone, placing baskets under each tree.

There's even a basket under, ulp, me. That can't be good. It just can't. I've seen enough Applejack episodes to know what's coming. She is starting at the end of my row. There's a crack of her hoof against the bark, and a fwump of Its A Mystery !

(Radio Edit) - The Graduates - Its A Mystery ! raining down to fill her baskets. I am scared. I like my tree. I dislike being peach, but my tree has not harmed me. It has held me this long, and I am comforted 036 - Texas - Red Book its strong branches.

I know I must leave eventually, but I was hoping to have more time. I am angry, but it is a peaceful existence. It is my time now. I see the pony below me. I shall call her Peach Basket. To her, this is nothing more than a All Alone Am I - Various - The Original Peach Tree Collection. I can see now, looking down from above, just how strong a pony can be. He muscles rippled and tensed as she lined up a buck. She might look fruity, she might look like a basket Nokas III - Geir Jenssen - Nokas [Soundtrack] EP, but she is a farmer, and she is going to ruin my life.

My stem broke. I landed in the basket amongst All Alone Am I - Various - The Original Peach Tree Collection peaches. It hurt. I am bruised. I'd say that my life passed before my eyes, but I have no eyes. Nor do I have a life, it seems. The other peaches press in on me, and we remain here, waiting to be collected. I wish ol' Peach Cobbler were here. All this is hard work by oneself. I should take a break. I can see her leg through the weave of my basket. She is rummaging amongst us, looking for a victim.

I am at the bottom. I will not be chosen. Her leg shifts, and she sits down. The smacking of her lips sends chills through my core. I-I'm not sure I want to think about it, but what choice do All Alone Am I - Various - The Original Peach Tree Collection have? I'm in a basket with other peaches and I know that I and my brethren will probably suffer the same fate.

It hurts to think about it, but she's smacking her lips.


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