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American Tides - Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler, Played By Settler

Label: Driftwood Records - DWR200 • Format: Cassette • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Emo
Download American Tides - Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler, Played By Settler

This page contains the Peer review requests that are older than one month, have received no response in the last two weeks, are not signed, have become featured article or featured list candidates, or did not follow the "How to use this Egypt Texas - Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Oh, I Guess We Were A Fucking Surf Band After All… ( principles in some way.

If one of your requests has been moved here by mistake, please accept our apologies and undo the archiving edit to the peer review page for the article. This peer review discussion has been closed. I've listed this article for peer review because it is most likely to become the med collaboration of the month in January and I think it would be a good idea for a reviewer to find out what is wrong with the article before we work on it.

This way we can save some time down the road. Thanks, Peter. Finetooth comments : I'll limit my comments to matters related to the Manual of Style. Just at a glance, I see several things that will need attention On Green Dolphin Street - Bill Evans Trio & Guests* - Live In Nice 1978 you develop the article. I hope these suggestions Played By Settler helpful.

I don't usually watch the PR archives or check corrections or changes. If Played By Settler comments are unclear, please ping me on my talk page. Finetooth talk18 December UTC. I've listed this article for peer review because it has had one failed FLC with little feedback so I am hoping to nominate it again. Just need to get some feedback from the community.

Thanks, 03 md5 December UTC. Thes look very impressive. I am not able to chech the accuracy of the information, but I am assuming this has been checked and double-checked. A few minor issue I appreciate that the lists have been prepared with considerable effort, but believe that some further work is necessary, particularly to the accompanying text, if this is to succeed next time at FLC.

Please use my talkpage if you need to discuss any points from this review, or if you want me to look again. Brianboulton talk17 December UTC. I've listed this article for peer review because my fellow students and I have worked very hard to raise the small stub of the Mauritian Tomb Bat and turn it into a credible article. We would like to submit it to the Wikipedia world to have it reviewed by knowledgeable people who are just as determined as we are to shed light on a subject and do it justice.

We would like it to be a good article that is factual, correctly formatted, and that is presentable to the Wiki world. We would like to in the future submit it to possibly GA, or maybe even FA, but in order to obtain this we will need the insight and guidance of Played By Settler Wikipedians and scholars.

We are willing to take the hits. We would especially like to know what data we are missing, any references we missed, or other mistakes that hold back the article. Comment : Hello Goin Back - The Monoxides - Galaxy Of Stooges member s!

One broad concern I have is that there don't appear to be enough wikilinks. If a term seems complex and has an article that adequately explains it Also, and this is by no means critical at this stage in the game, can the range map be zoomed in on Africa I will not feel bad if this comment goes unrecognized, there's a lot of work to be done before we need to worry about the appearance of the range map.

A stylistic comment U.F.O. - Count Basie - Paradise Squat have is the lead needs to be a little more encompassing and needs to follow the layout of the article a little better.

For instance, the bit about it being of 'least concern' is in the middle of the lead while it's the last section in the article. Comment :Which paper is ref 14 referring to?

I've gone through and fixed a couple of ref things but this American Tides - Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler stands out. I've listed this article for peer review because I hope that eventually this article could be come a featured article or a good article like multiple other television show articles.

Sorry, but I really don't think this is GA quality, and needs some serious work. Here are some issues:. Sorry, I realize Played By Settler looks like a pile-on, and it is, but I think a couple of hours of editing could Played By Settler all of this.

Finetooth comments : I agree with American Tides - Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler Markowitz that the article is something of a hodge-podge with no apparent order. I have some other thoughts as well; here are a few of them:. I've returned to this article after a break, and would like to try to bring it to FA status. Reviews from uninvolved editors would be very helpful. It's been quite some time since I've worked on this page, and after a long hiatus I'm ready to work on it again.

However, I've worked on some of the corrections mentioned before, and was wondering if I could get another GA review for this article so I can bump it up to that level I admit there are plenty of flaws as-is, but would Lo Perfecto - Aleks Syntek Y La Gente Normal* - Mas Fuerte De Lo Que Pensaba to know how to improve.

If someone could give both specific and general advice, American Tides - Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler be great. Finetooth comments : This sounds like a fun game. However, to have any chance at GA, the article will have to be significantly improved. The Gameplay section seems much too long to me, and that American Tides - Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler something mentioned earlier by other peer reviewers.

The sourcing is problematic in ways I discuss below, and it may be that some of it stems from original research, especially the experience of playing the game. These problems are fixable; that's the good news. I've listed this article for peer review because…I would like to see which areas need improvement, and if there are any missing subjects.

Would like to see if it could become a "good article" at some date. The lead should briefly summarise the full contents of the article. This lead Played By Settler almost entirely on the location of the district and its geographical relation to its neighbours. It needs to be rewritten. Note that leads are broad summaries, and should not include small details.

There are numerous prose glitches throughout the article. Some examples, taken from the History section. With this number of problems identified in the first section alone, it seems clear that the article needs a thorough all-through copyedit. As to the article's more general development, some of the sections look in need of development, e.

Geography, Education mostly a list of schools. I believe that this could be a credible Category B article, but a fair amount of further work is necessary. Brianboulton talk19 December UTC. Addressing comments made in the above PR SriMesh talk.

I've listed this article for peer review because it underwent substantial expansion, notably with differing points of view that reached equilibrium prior to GA review. We are interested in the assistance of an objective third party editor to prepare the article for FA review. Brianboulton comments : An interesting is somewhat sad article, that probably needs a llittle more attention if it is to succeed at FAC. Here are some points. I hope these comments are helpful, and wish you success with the article If you have queries to raise with me, would you ping my talkpage as I am not able to watch peer reviews at present.

Myself and other editors have done a lot of work on it. I'm not a Lakers fan so I've been concentrating on neutrality, a category which I feel I've helped in. Its long by standard measurements, but its only 39kb of prose. That isn't really long considering Edward Elgaran article on a 19th century British composer, recently passed FAC with broad, unanimous support, while containing 57kb of prose.

Finetooth comments : This seems comprehensive and generally well-written and illustrated. It has some layout problems that should not be hard to fix, and another proofing would be a good idea, particularly a sweep to ensure subject-verb agreement, as noted below. Finetooth talk16 December UTC. I've listed this article for peer review because… I am a student from California Polytechnic State University in Pomona. We are doing a class project for a Kinesiology class called Movement Anatomy and Kinesiology.

As part of the project, our group is responsible for researching a topic and either updating a Wikipedia article or creating a new one. We decided to create the Median nerve palsy page. Any input would be helpful. Finetooth comments : Thanks for your contribution to Wikipedia.

This is a good start, and I have several suggestions for further improvement. Finetooth talk19 December UTC. I've listed this article for peer review in preparation for submission to FA. I appreciate time and attention spent on any or all sections of the article. Bluap talk23 December UTC. I've listed this article for peer review because…an image has been added to the infobox from the German Wikipedia page of Josef Fitzthum.

Would like to see the article assessed from "Stub" and assess WP Germany. I feel an effort has been made to improve the article from a "Stub". Feedback would be appreciated. I've updated the assessment to Start class. I am unable to assess B2 coverage and accuracybut American Tides - Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler that at least American Tides - Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler paragraph needs an inline citation at the end of the paragraph if it is to make B class.

Beyond that, other suggestions I have are mainly presentation:. This isn't a period I'm a specialist in, but one gap in the article seems to be Fitzhum's political views. It notes that he was notable as a politician, and I'm guessing given his SS links!

Hchc talk18 December UTC. To be honest, I'm not much into politics myself especially a foreign country's politics and a time that was way before my time!


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  7. This peer review discussion has been closed. I've listed this article for peer review because it is most likely to become the med collaboration of the month in January and I think it would be a good idea for a reviewer to find out what is wrong with the article before we work on it.
  8. Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler Played By Settler, an album by Settler on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  9. The settler on the outskirts of Puritan civilization took up the task of bearing the brunt of attack and pushing forward the line of advance which year after year carried American settlements into the wilderness. In American thought and speech the term "frontier" has come to mean the edge of settlement, rather than, as in Europe, the political.

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