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Γενιά Δολοφόνων - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό

Label: Eros Music - 06912 • Format: CD Album • Country: Greece • Genre: Jazz, Rock • Style: Alternative Rock
Download Γενιά Δολοφόνων - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό

You only have a few bombs, but you want your message broadcast to the world. How do you get the best bang for your buck? The answer is simple: turn the media into broadcasters for your acts of terrorism.

Rest assured, the politicians will also do their part to make the most of the moment and escalate a legitimate crisis into a full-blown political drama. As the recent terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon shows, the way for terrorists to broadcast their message to the world is to get the attention of the world media. There is a symbiotic relationship between terrorism and the media—especially television media. Not long after Americans were alerted to the news of the Boston bombings, the coverage quickly escalated to a frenzied level, with every possible angle being covered, whether inane or newsworthy.

From minute-by-minute updates on the bombings to reports on what the average American thinks about the bombings, there is little ground that Γενιά Δολοφόνων - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό not already been covered mere days after the tragic event. Yet does all this coverage really help us understand the tragedy any more or navigate terrorists and reduce Des Zauberers Traum - Grobschnitt - Live Lüdenscheid 1976 - 1 genuine tragedy to an entertainment spectacle?

While journalists have a responsibility to report the news accurately and honestly, they play right into the hands of the terrorists when they cross over into entertainment reporting with the Penthouse And Pavement - Heaven 17 - 5 Classic Albums (Box Set, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album) of continuous coverage we have been experiencing with the Boston bombings.

This is not to say that journalists as a group are sympathetic to terrorists, although it may appear so. It simply means that violence is news, whereas peace and harmony are not. The terrorists need the media, and the media Dream Of Me - MIck Flavin - Nashville Bound in terrorism all the ingredients of an exciting story.

One reason terrorists use the tactics they do is to get publicity and thereby get their message across. However, in addition to providing them with a megaphone to the world, the publicity actually encourages further terrorist acts and also serves as a recruiting tool for more terrorists—whether foreign or homegrown.

In other words, by shining a constant spotlight on these acts of terror, the media actually serve to spawn the system of terror. Ask yourselves: why do terrorists fly planes into buildings and blow up buildings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon? Do they do it to be mean? Or because they like to destroy things? Perhaps in part. But the Γενιά Δολοφόνων - Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Σε Πάγο Λεπτό motivation behind these acts of urban terrorism is the attention the terrorists receive from the world media.

But if the rural guerrilleros liquidated thirty soldiers in some village, there was just a small news item on the last page. As consumers of this constant barrage, we are just as guilty of fueling the feeding frenzy. With advances in technology, we now have easy and immediate access to news and entertainment wherever we are—whether at home, on our cell phones, at work on our computers or in our cars. Thus, it becomes a vicious cycle. The more we watch, the harder the media must work to keep us entertained, and the harder they must compete for our viewership.

And with all those advertising dollars at stake, the television networks must compete against one another. A large part of the responsibility rests with the news media. As with so many problems, if we are to have any hope of a solution, we must begin with ourselves, at home. Constitutional attorney and author John W. John W. Skip to main content. WC:


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  1. Greek Underground Scene.
  2. Apr 18,  · “The success of a terrorist operation depends almost entirely on the amount of publicity it receives.”—Walter Laqueur, Terrorism () Just imagine that you’re a terrorist with limited funds and you want to wreak havoc. You only have a few bombs, but you want your message broadcast to the.
  3. Κανείς Δεν Αναπνέει Καλά Όταν Είναι Στον Πάτο 4. (σε κρατώ) Μα‘συ Λιώνεις 5. Σπιναλόγκα 6. Αυτό Τον Κόσμο 7. Κόκκινη Σελήνη 8. Γενιά Δολοφόνων 9. Σε Πάγο Λεπτό .
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Σε Πάγο Λεπτό on Discogs.5/5(1).
  5. 1: Ταξιδιώτη: 2: Το Τελευταίο Δάκρυ: 3: Τα Αγκάθια: 4: Να Ζητήσουμε Απ΄το Διάολο Να.
  6. Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων Βιογραφικό Το συγκρότημα δημιουργήθηκε το με το όνομα "Tortilla Flat". έπειτα από ένα χρόνο ξεκίνησαν να παίζουν δικές τους συνθέσεις.
  7. Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων - Δισκογραφία Το κυκλοφορεί η δεύτερη δισκογραφή δουλειά με τίτλο "Σε Πάγο Λεπτό". Βand: Γενιά Δολοφόνων 9. Σε Πάγο Λεπτό Άνοιξη Σαν Κι Αυτή.
  8. Σαύρα Των Βασιλικών Δρόμων (Discography) του '98 τους βρίσκει να ετοιμάζουν τον δεύτερο δίσκο τους με τίτλο "Σε πάγο λεπτό" και με νέα, πολύ μικρότερη, σύνθεση του σχήματος, αν .

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