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Love & Hate (Edit) - Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring Holly Johnson - Love & Hate


Download Love & Hate (Edit) - Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring Holly Johnson - Love & Hate

Kent email: ndkent "at" optonline. Last updated Sakamoto before page. Sakamoto Albums since Works I - CM This is a compilation album of 18 commercially commissioned tracks RS composed between and A few pieces relate to released works but the actual tracks here generally weren't available before. CM is a Japanese industry term for Commercial Music, it can be television commercials, as some of these tracks are.

Quite a few tracks are longer though all but one are under 5 minutes long. A whole series of compilations of unreleased older work came out around this time. No matter the result was a lot of old rare material got released though I'm not sure all of it is really the highest quality creative work, much is more functional than what you hear on RS's major album projects. My LP copy came with Warmth - Jakob - Jakob final L.O.V.E.

- Shoplifting - Shoplifting tracks on a separate 7" disk. Wild cover art. Yan Tomita, Y. Shimizu, Omura, Van Tieghem also play. Sakamoto spent months recording his first post-YMO solo album. He recorded quite a number of additional tracks which never saw release. Cool cover design. It contains a rich selection of extremely well arranged tracks - my impression is that Sakamoto must have been saving up this music during his YMO years which ended just prior to making this album because clearly a lot of musical thought has gone into making it and there's not a single bad piece on the album.

This makes the Japanese reissue on CD which has all the original tracks plus 2 more by far the best version to get hold of. The title ' Encyclopaedia' could suggest a bunch of unrelated tracks randomly thrown together but instead the album has a very coherent, vaguely Japanese feel to it, the focus being on piano and percussion with imaginative use of synthesizers and vocals. Quite a large list of guest-musicians make contributions as well, among whom the two other ex-YMO members and David van Tieghem.

Highlights include 'In A Forest Of Feathers' with its subtle harmonies, 'Tibetan Dance' showing Sakamoto at work as some kind of big-band leader and great upbeat tune Self-Portraitwhich funnily enough is the only track on which Sakamoto doesnt play himself! Also the jazzy textures of Tribute to N.

RS sings on kimi ni tsuite. It was not on earlier releases of this album, the LP version for instance. I've seen an early s gallery show where the two collaborated on a new piece. These singles are both cool, but do not match the rest of the music on the album. There are 2 different mixes of Tibetan Dance. The original Japaneser album one has very thick orchestration. Seems to be a gift album? It is the with the children's chorus. Zen-Gun might be a shorter mix in all formats as the times are different on the versions I've inspected.

There are 5? Also an edited version of each for the 7" and another shorter version which seems to show up on compilations. Dolby sings and plays electric piano. RS plays the other synths. Exhibition is not on the 7" it's a 15 minute Sakamoto solo cut similar in some respects to Hosono's Love & Hate (Edit) - Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring Holly Johnson - Love & Hate Cool piece with Akiko Yano vocals. These mixes are longer than the edited version TV Track which sometimes shows up on compilations.

While no longer glam, the picture disk of RS makes him look like a student. Urban mix has a wicked brass riff, but the orginal has a better beat. With percussionist Yas-Kaz and guitarist Arto Lindsey. Music for a Melissa Fenley dance piece. Adelic Penguins is one of my favorite pieces.

Some DVD info here. Sakamoto's hommage to the Italian Futurist art movement. The opening number is full of Blade Runner sound bites. Later Bernard Fowler does vocals.

Caoli Cano sings in Italian. She was in an eccentric mid 80s band called Ciccolata. Arto Lindsay is on one track. Plenty of interesting sounds to listen to. The album title translation is in Italian, Sakamoto sometimes translates this album to English as Future Boy. The cover has a color photo of RS in motion, I mention this because the cover does not have roman letters on it. Other factoids are Broadway Boogie Woogie was the name of Piet Mondrian's last completed painting possibly interpreting an optimistic future.

Known to only a few, Ballet Mechaniquebesides being the basis for a well promoted song, Chronic Love by Miki Nakatani, was actually a new arrangement for his own album of the song which he first wrote for Yukiko Okadaa young singer who recorded and released it, but died soon after. I've heard her version, its good, I suspect its not easily available Also the voice of the early 20th century founder of Futurism, Marenetti can be heard.

He was and is somewhat controversial due to his Facist political leanings. Ivar de Vries writes: This is one of Ryuichi Sakamoto 's more electronic albums and a good one too. Love & Hate (Edit) - Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring Holly Johnson - Love & Hate has "futurism" as its basic theme, but not in any pessimistic sense. The album is more or less pop-oriented with a few vocalists Bernard Fowler and Caoli Cano singing some strong melodies and plenty of heavy percussion throughout.

Broadway Boogie Woogie is a crazy loud piece which features a saxophone and Blade Runner voices specifically: from the scene where Deckard and Rachel first meet - a unique piece in Sakamoto's oeuvre. The next two pieces have nice uplifting tunes and are relatively quiet inbetween the "chemical beats" of the other tracks.

Bernard Fowler would sing an epic slower version of 'Daikoukai' on the live-album Playing the Orchestra and Ballet Mecanique would also reappear much later in vocal and instrumental versions on the Miki Nakatani single Chronic Love.

To conclude, 'Future Boy' is not the most consistent of albums, but always interesting. This album goes by all three titles mentioned above. Sakamoto produced but did not write all the tracks. The film came out overseas retitled as Milo and Otis without any of Sakamoto's score!! It takes real guts to buy an expensive cd with a cute kitten on the cover. Might be too light-hearted for some. The film was a big hit in Japan and Sakamoto won major awards for the score.

Ivar de Vries writes: A very cheerful soundtrack to a very cheerful film by Masanori Hata"The Adventures Of Chatran" contains a selection of upbeat pieces charting the adventures of a sweet little kitten during its discovery of the world. Not very profound stuff but as an album essential for any fan of Ryuichi Sakamoto.

He did not write all the tracks - nrs. These tracks however blend in perfectly with the tracks by Sakamoto who also uses the orchestra but adds his own piano and electronics. Track 7 "Watasuge No Hara" is one of those great Love & Hate (Edit) - Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring Holly Johnson - Love & Hate Sakamoto movie-pieces and at the end Keiko Yoshinaga puts in a fantastic vocal performance in what can only be described as the perfect pop-song: "Koneko Monogatari".

Track 11, the only one by Sakamoto to sort of describe the abrupt physical movements of cats, points back musically to that other slightly jumpy piece immortalising cats, "M. In The Backyard". Apparently, Modoki and Asura were two of Sakamoto's cats, who were sometimes being pestered by Tema De Amor De Aeropuerto - Vincent Bell* - Aeropuerto (Tema De Amor De La Película Universal) one named Yanayatsu.

It is a release well worth buying, not only because it's quite a unique and funny film only featuring real animals, but also because it contains plenty of unreleased music Max Richter, Grace Davidson - Path 5 (Mogwai Remix) (File) Sakamoto. Bill Laswell co-produced, this seems to be the only album that came ever out on Laswell's sub-label Terrapin.

Laswell is behind the band Material and the Rock-It sound of Herbie Hancock, which this sound is a sort of a major bridge between its sort of in your face sound and Laswell's multicultural worldbeat excursions which followed.

In the 90s Laswell he developed his own spin of ambience The Divination projects and his Sub-Harmonic label in general. His Axiom label has a world beat to it. Laswell worked with Hosono in the mid 90s. The album appears very much a collaboration between Ryuichi Sakamoto and Bill Laswellwho co-produced the album, co-wrote three songs and played bass-guitar. Two tracks that really stand out are 'Parata'a clock-work marching track having a contemplative and slightly tragic feel to it, and the aptly titled 'After All'Love & Hate (Edit) - Ryuichi Sakamoto Featuring Holly Johnson - Love & Hate subtle laid-back piece which manages to establish the atmosphere of a smoky late-night jazz-club - Japanese style.

All in all, the album sounds a bit dated because very eighties and can't be considered a high point in Sakamoto's oeuvre, although it's still reasonable enough to have a listen to once in a while. This version was never released to my knowledge. Risky in extended mix. Seemingly a mini album made up of material that didn't find a home on a full album.

Plus shortened edits of 2 older singles that had appeared before. Some speculate Sakamoto had further plans for his NeoGeo band as a recording Woman - Three Dog Night - It Aint Easy touring unit that didn't Got To Be More Careful = ガット・トゥ・ビ・モア・ケアフル - Various - HOUSE M.D.

- Original Television Soundtrack = out. Perhaps he had hoped he would have had some hits with this style of material. Behind the Mask has the Michael Jackson written additional lyrics he's not on the album nor Another Sound Come - John Mouse - Another Sound Come he performed them himself, at some point Jackson on his own wrote additional lyrics to this song which have generally been incorporated since.

Confusion Buster : There are several ways to get this soundtrack. The main version is quite simply the original soundtrack on one regular CD!


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  1. Lyrics to 'The Other Side Of Love' by Ryuichi Sakamoto. In my heart, I know I must be right / Darkest shadows will someday come to light / I've been down, but I can rise above.
  2. "Love and Hate" is a song from Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring former Frankie Goes to Hollywood singer Holly Johnson. Released as a single in from Sakamoto's album Sweet Revenge, the song was written by Sakamoto and mightworkerfedicoifyn.infoinfo reached No. 97 in the UK mightworkerfedicoifyn.infoinfo: Pop.
  3. Nov 24,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Ryuichi Sakamoto Feat Holly Johnson - Love And Hate YouTube Supertramp - Fool's Overture (Live ) - Duration: WORLD TOUR Recommended for .
  4. RYUICHI SAKAMOTO Smoochy ( Japanese track promo sample CD, issued to radio stations and reviewers ahead of the actual release, includes 21 double-sided insert pages which feature tracklisting details on one side and form a picture of the sleeve artwork when put together on the reverse, with a custom stamped inner rim on the disc and promo stickered eco-pack picture sleeve & obi-strip.
  5. Holly Johnson: Love And Hate (), features Johnson on vocals Arto Lindsay: O Corpo Sutil (, features Ryuichi Sakamoto on 4 tracks) Red Hot + Rio, produced by the Red Hot Organization: É Preciso Perdoar (, Ryuichi Sakamoto performs keyboards for the duet sung by Cesária Évora and Caetano Veloso).
  6. Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Holly Johnson: Love and Hate. Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Holly Johnson: Love and Hate. Back to Discography. Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Holly Johnson: UK 5″ CD ‘Love and Hate’ (EKR CD / ) Love & Hate (edit) .
  7. Aug 24,  · Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Thomas Dolby - Field work Great video, with an exclusive version: This version has vocals by Ryuichi only (the edit has vocals by Thomas Dolby though): Ryuichi Sakamoto - Behind The Mask check out love and hate with holly johnson, another cool collaboration with ryuichi sakamoto. later
  8. Holly Johnson (Egyesült Királyság, Liverpool, Merseyside, február 9.) angol énekes, zenész, dalszerző és képzőművész születési neve: William Johnson, hivatalos neve: William Holly Johnson. Az es évek második felében kezdődött a zenei karrierje. Az as évek egyik hírhedt botránybandája, a Frankie Goes to Hollywood énekese volt.
  9. Holly Johnson: Love And Hate (), features Johnson on vocals Arto Lindsay: O Corpo Sutil (, features Ryuichi Sakamoto on 4 tracks) Red Hot + Rio, produced by the Red Hot Organization: É Preciso Perdoar (, Ryuichi Sakamoto performs keyboards for the duet sang by Cesária Évora and Caetano Veloso).

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